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Eau de Parfum for Women

This is a light oriental family scent with tropical, sensual undertones. Created from pineapple, peach and lemon, this fragrance blossoms with rose, magnolia and hibiscus enriched with vanilla, musk and sandalwood and hints of ivy, coconut and spices. It is Tijon’s best seller and personal favorite.

Reviewed on Nosegasm.com, here's an excerpt:
"... a fine combination of flowery and fruity notes ... These tropical, faraway ingredients bring to mind a subtly beautiful girl with the power to draw attention from the opposite sex easily and in a careless fashion; she doesn't bother looking for and dealing with suitors or adventure, but they always find her regardless because of her simple yet irresistible alluring nature."

All of our fragrances are also available in a Sample Vial, if you would like to try any of our other scents before purchasing a larger bottle.

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