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What is Tijon?

A boutique parfumerie that offers the unique opportunity to make your own perfume or cologne. Headquartered in St. Martin, FWI, we specialize in our own line of handcrafted fragrances. Stop by to tour our Perfume Lab or find a gift in our boutique. Perfect for date night, bridal/birthday parties, team-building and corporate events, and individually designing your own signature scent.  

Tijon Believes

Life is precious. It is about enjoying the pleasures of life: the feeling of warm sand between your toes, the smell of jasmine blooming along the shore, a beautiful sunset. It is about the small moments of happiness we each want to experience.  

This is why we at Tijon believe in creating and providing products that are fresh and clean, with the finest ingredients found in the Caribbean and across the globe. We do not test on animals nor use animal by-products.  

Tijon takes every detail into account. Our products are packaged by hand in order to preserve their small batch quality.

Not only do we design memorable perfumes and colognes, we also desire to teach the world about the history, complexity and beauty of fragrance creation.  

Tijon's History

Tijon Parfumerie & Boutique is headquartered in St. Martin, FWI. It opened in 2007, but its inception began years earlier with a businessman's dream to leave the corporate chaos behind and live in a tropical paradise. Further details on John Berglund's journey can be discovered through his book, A Beach Less Traveled.  

This family-run business, highly rated on Tripadvisor and Yelp, is dedicated to making your visit a one-of-a-kind experience.  

Tijon's Family

tijon family

John Berglund | Le Nez "The Nose"

Owner and founder John has been making his dream come true by utilizing his fine sense of smell and composition skills. His expansive knowledge of fragrance ingredients has led to the success of his business and recent book. He enjoys teaching the basics of fragrance creation and using his talents to craft an array of Tijon products.

Cyndi Berglund | Le tout "The Everything"

Owner and wife of the founder, Cyndi has been part of the adventure from the beginning. Her support and hospitality have been at the heart of Tijon's success. She insists that fashion and fragrance are intertwined, and she desires to see all of our guests looking and feeling their best.

Berglund Children: "Tijon Family"

Daughter Rachelle, who has played an essential role with Tijon, has now left the day-to-day business operation to take care of their two grandchildren Solana and Beckett.

Son Tyler played an integral part in creating the parfumerie concept as a young man. Hence the name Tijon, which is a combination of Tyler and John. He presently works for the Hollister Company.




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