John Berglund, Tijon’s founder and Master Perfumer AKA Le Nez (French for nose) opened the Parfumerie in the quaint seaside village of Grand Case, St. Martin in 2007 and has been a member of the Caribbean Society of Chemists (CARISCOS). Building upon 10+ years of intense research and formulations, coupled with a prior educational background in chemistry and utilizing his fine sense of smell and composition skills, Tijon transformed from concept to reality.

John’s expansive knowledge of fragrance ingredients combined with a tropical application has led to world-wide recognition of Tijon and its parfums. He enjoys teaching fragrance creation and using his talents to craft an array of additional Tijon products meeting the client’s desires.

Berglund chose St. Martin as the foundation for Tijon to physically and spiritually capture the indigenous ingredients and allure of the French West Indies. While a variety of other brands may claim “The Caribbean,” Tijon’s origins are true to the region of its founding.

Berglund insists fashion and fragrance are intertwined, and desires to see all guests smelling, looking and feeling their best. Concerning his personal philosophy re fragrance development:

“For me it’s the correct balance, the freshness, the blending thus revealing the beauty of the intertwined fragrances. Blending tropical scents to classical notes provides for a transition to one of complexity and intrigue.”

Tijon is named for Berglund’s favorite (and only) son, Tyler John who he lovingly calls TJ, and the first perfume he created is Shallae, named for his favorite (and only) daughter Shelli.

Berglund’s wife of 40+ years, Cyndi, has been not only a source of inspiration and support from the beginning yet also offers her additional sensory input along with packaging and jewelry designs.