Bridal & Bachelorette Parties

“Many brides and grooms are even bottling their own “wedding essence” so later on in life when they smell it, it will bring them back to the experience, familiarity and love of their wedding day, one that will last for a lifetime in your memory”

Brides: If there’s one day in your life you want to smell amazing, it’s your wedding day. You’ll be hugging hundreds of people, and, of course, cuddling up with your groom. So you’ll want a fragrance that’s as special as you are — and one that’ll last from the walk down the aisle to the bouquet toss.

Scent has our strongest ability to evoke memories, so if you wear something other than your everyday fragrance, you’ll be able to associate that smell specifically with your wedding day and the beautiful memories you create.

Everything about your wedding day is special and customized: the location, decorations, your dress, your jewelry, the food and music.

Now you can customize your own perfume or cologne. Your unique fragrance is a reflection of your personality and a memento of the day you take your vows to love one another forever.

It is also an ideal group event for bachelorette parties or bridal showers!

Bridal & Bachelorette Event Inquiries

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