Become a Franchisee

Tijon is looking for passionate entrepreneurs who share a belief in the Scentsational creative potential of our clients by offering a 5-Star experience that is unique, interactive, immersive, memorable and just plain fun. 

The numerous benefits of such an experience are enormous and visible in our results – our franchise partners truly love what they do and their clients are their best salesforce.

The Tijon retail franchisee will offer Tijon’s proprietary “perfume creation events” within their on-site “perfume lab”. Additionally showcasing the inviting boutique with inventory including Tijon branded fragrances and other unique gifts with high margins.

From experience and research the usable retail size can be programmed for any space between 800 (75 SM) to 1,600 (150 SM) square feet with 1,200 SF/111 considered the sweet-spot providing the highest Return on Investment on a Per Square Foot basis.

Why Buy a “Tijon” Franchise?


This is not a typical pre-packaged product centric franchise. Instead it is experiential, immersive and social-media friendly. Consider the following:

  • 78% of young consumers, specifically millennials, prefer to spend money on an experience or event and share these experience-related purchases on social media. 
  • 69% believe that attending experiences helps them connect better with friends, community, and people around the world. 

Tijon Provides a great economic opportunity for franchisees

  • An established business model with a 5-star reputation
  • #1 in the market. Tijon has no comparable competitors
  • Foundation Orientation – As Tijon is in growth-mode there are a multitude of opportunities for growth & expansion (Get in on the ground floor) 

Consider the Verifiable Audited Performance:

  • A track record of success: Three (3) franchises to-date – all profitable!
    • St. Martin (Sept. 1, 2022) – original location (2007) franchised in 2022
    • Charleston (July 1, 2021) – franchisee is looking to open another location
    • New Orleans (Dec. 1, 2022) - ROI is over 100% - entire investment was earned back in its first year of operation
  • Residual fees: All franchisee(s) receive commissions for online reorders providing a recurring source of revenue generation form their guests initial visit

Can I be successful when I know nothing about perfumes?

Of course, because Tijon has a turn-key simplified program and has trained many, many people over the years in managing, and now owning, a Tijon. It is not complex training and no fragrance or chemistry background is necessary.

Consider the following: 

  • Tijon New Orleans is fully operational with little offsite owner-involement
  • Tijon Charleston’s three partners/owners were  trained with Tijon. However, all three have full-time jobs and employ manager(s) they in-turn trained to operate the business. Concerning their backgrounds:
  • One partner manages an insurance agency
  • One partner is a property manager
  • One is concluding school to be a therapist

How does Tijon Assist?

You will not be by yourself in your efforts; the Tijon team will be there to assist, support and cheer you on in your journey. Your success is our success!

  • You will be personally interviewed by Tijon to help insure this is an appropriate opportunity for you and for us, as you too will be the “face of Tijon.”
  • You will receive comprehensive training and a detailed How-To Reference Manual
  • Ongoing Operational Support: Tijon continues ongoing support to assist you in the facilitation of running your business, including providing you with Tijon’s CEO’s personal cellphone number.
  • Marketing: Tijon has available to their franchise marketing assistance to provide you with time-tested and proven tools and strategies for attracting and retaining your customers.
  • Purchasing Power: You can take advantage of the buying power of the entire Tijon eco-system to purchase many items at significantly lower cost than you could achieve as an independent operator taking advantages of our economies-of-scale allowing for higher ROI versus being an independent operator.
  • Real Estate Site Selection: Tijon can consult with you concerning your retail location analysis and acquisition and can provide interior layouts based on the unique location chosen.

Franchisor’s Note

Tijon didn’t invent perfume nor were we the first to offer perfume making classes. But we put an entirely new spin on the perfume making business. Instead of just building a factory, we created perfume labs that are special interactive places for friends and families to come together, have fun, and make their own custom fragrance. We did everything bigger and better than anyone offering perfume classes has ever done, and as such, have no comparable competitors.

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