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A-Tijon Women's Perfume Sampler

A-Tijon Women's Perfume Sampler

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French Caribbean Perfume Sampler
Tijon’s Classic Collection for Women

This beautifully packaged arrangement of 4 of our most popular women's fragrances presented in lovely 15 ml bottles is perfect to gift yourself or others!

Baie Rouge

An aromatic tropical blend of island citrus pared with soft florals of jasmine, rose sweet pea and davana offering undertones of angelica and chamomile with a hint of coriander to capture the playfulness of the islands. Named for a popular island beach. Romantic


This island floral is freshened by cool citrus. Blissful top notes os orange flower, bergamot and grapefruit open to jasmine, rose, and multiple florals blossoming into a luminescent base of musk and vetiver. Tijon’s popular evening scent for women Sophisticated


This light oriental scent has tropical, sensual undertones. Created from pineapple, peach and lemon, it blossoms with rose, magnolia, hibiscus, vanilla and sandalwood with hints of coconut and spices. Tijon’s bestseller and personal favorite Sensual


This exotic scent combines the invigorating freshness of orange flower, grapefruit, and amber with a floral heart of jasmine and rose. Undertones of musk and sandalwood add to its magnetism. Tijon’s first fragrance; named for the Perfumer’s daughter Luxurious

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