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A -Tijon Men's Cologne Sampler

A -Tijon Men's Cologne Sampler

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French Caribbean Cologne Sampler

For Men: Includes 4 (15 ml) Colognes

SXM, 2.0, 3.0, X.2

Tijon’s Classic Collection for Men


This robust sensual and playful scent is blended with citrus, lavender, blue grass, and numerous spices, all uniquely aged with French oak to add a natural woodsy blend. Inspired by the sun and the sea. Tijon’s first fragrance for men Refreshing


This compelling blend possesses tropical citrus combined with woods & spice. Top notes include bergamot, lemon & orange with lower tones of coriander, nutmeg, and sandalwood. For romantic wear, also worn by women. Tijon best seller Mysterious


A daring scent inspiring island hopping and adventure, offering a blend of bergamot, grapefruit, verbena, rosemary, lavender, with cinnamon, basil, artemisia and fir on a background of moss and patchouli.  Tijon’s most intriguing scent Adventurous


This outdoor fresh fragrance opens with citrus scents of lime, mandarin, orange and grapefruit while adding a floral combination of jasmine, rose and base notes of amber, sandalwood and musk.  A Tijon personal favorite Invigorating

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