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2018 Holiday fragrance

Tijon Fragrance Lab - Potomac MD
Geri Shapiro

11812 Forum Hill Court
Potomac, MD 20854
P: 301-672-1887

Geri was born in Cleveland Ohio. She has lived in Detroit Michigan, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Fairfax Virginia and Montclair New Jersey. She is a true country girl at heart and prefers to be outdoors. It probably explains the 20 years she spent as a competitive middle and ultra-distance triathlete. She enjoys being active, both physically and mentally. For the past 29 years Geri has worked for one of the largest hotel chains, so customer service is very important to her. It has also encouraged her and her husband Jerry to travel extensively. One of her best trip memories is going to St. Martin and the fun she had at Tijon. It so inspired her that she made a girls trip to Tijon in La Jolla, CA to share the experience with her friends. She is hoping to help you bring out your creativity and individuality with your very own custom Tijon fragrance.

You can reach Geri by emailing her at: Geri@tijon.com


Cheryl and Mosi

P: 786-402-8936

E: cheryl@tijon.com

Married in 2014, Cheryl & Mosi are a dynamic duo living in Miami, FL. Cheryl works full-time as a Director of Digital Media & Production and Mosi as a Director of Sports Medicine. While honeymooning in St. Martin, Mosi surprised Cheryl with a visit to the Tijon Fragrance Lab. During this visit, Cheryl was beyond ecstatic at the opportunity to create her own custom perfume scents. When presented with the opportunity to become Tijon Fragrance Lab franchise owners, the enthusiasm was tripled and the pair felt it was a perfect match. At Tijon South Florida, the couple aim to provide a momentous, one-of-a-kind, perfume making experience for every participant, having learned something new and leave smelling good!

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