Make Your Own Perfume - FAQ’s

Q. Why make perfume with Tijon?

A. Tijon is an actual French Caribbean Parfumerie (circa 2007) located on the Caribbean island of St. Martin that not only produces 24 popular signature perfumes, but is also likely the world leader in teaching over 12,000 people to create their own. Tijon ‘s highly trained Perfumologists will guide you along your perfume making way doing it the TIjon way.

  1. Provides a lab coat.
  2. Allows participants to make 3 perfumes, bottling the one they like best
  3. Provides a workbook and detailed instruction
  4. Offers the most oil choice in creating perfumes
  5. Provide a certificate of completion and custom bottle label
  6. Retains the custom formula should you choose to re-order
  7. Offers your custom fragrance in lotions, cremes, massage oils, bath oils and home & linen mists
  8. Provides you free membership in the Acadamie de Parfum.
Q. Is it a party or an activity?

A. Both, although unlike other party offerings we help you focus on the activity of you creating your own nice perfume. Unique, interactive, memorable, and yes, FUN.

Q. What should I wear?

A. While we provide labcoats, you are working with oils and if some are spilled could permanently stain your clothing or shoes, so wear clothing accordingly.

Q. When should I arrive?

A. Please arrive 15 minutes in advance of the start time. It will give you the time to check in, get settled, meet the Perfumologist and mingle with other guests.

Q. Must I Pre-Register?

A. For mobile events, yes, so your perfumologist will bring the necessary amount of perfuming supplies. For in-store labs, it may vary with the location.

Q. Can I recreate my favorite perfume?

A. Unfortunately no. If you try you will likely be disappointed. Most commercial perfumes, including Tijon branded perfumes, have over 60 to 100 ingredients and take months to develop. But you can make a perfume in the same family. (You can google it for the primary notes).

Q. Can men make a men’s cologne?

A. Absolutely. However, Tijon believes many fragrances, except for strong floral for women and strong woodsy-musky for men, can be unisex. In fact, one study reveals 33% of men’s fragrances are worn by women. It is the name, packaging and marketing often directing a fragrance to a particular gender. Did you know: Aramis, launched in 1965, and Old Spice, launched in 1937, were in their original incarnations, fragrances for women? Or that Chanel No. 5, launched in 1921, was the 1st popular perfume marketed to women? In other words, don’t focus on whether you’re creating a feminine or masculine scent, focus on what you enjoy and go with it!

Q. What do Men typically prefer?

A. Men typically wear what their partner chooses for them. If not, men tend to prefer fragrances that were either worn by their father or smell similar to them. This is because men only learn to think of smells as ‘good’ by associating them with good feelings – and these are imprinted permanently by our early teens. This provides some explanation for why certain men’s fragrances remain widely imitated bestsellers generations after their launch. Compared to women, men are typically drawn to a severely limited palette: fragrances that are initially fresh and clean, suggestive of good grooming, and have an undercurrent of woody, liqueur richness, suggestive of sex.

Q. How long will my bottle of perfume last?

A.  There are three enemies of perfume:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Heat
  3. Humidity (and to some degree, oxidation)

Keep it away from those 3 and your bottle should easily last between 2 to 5 years.  But the best answer to this question came from a columnist who said, “It’ll last as long as you still like it.”

Q. Can I reorder my perfume?

A. Yes, you can go online at my website and reorder. You can also order your fragrance in a custom lotion, crème, massage oil, and home mist.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We understand that schedules change. For Mobile events, because a minimum number of guests is required to host the party, we are unable to refund your reservation because it may impact the minimums; however, your reservation is fully transferable to a friend or family member. For in-store labs, check with that location.

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