Tijon’s Moisturizing Soap Collection Pour Homme

Tijon’s Moisturizing Soap Collection Pour Homme

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Tijon, after developing and testing many blends of various soaps, presents for each Tijon fragrance, five premium, hand-poured, small-batch moisturizing blends with DMAE and soybean protein. 

DMAE has been known in Europe by the product name deanol for more than three decades, and is often referred to as an instant anti-aging face lift.  DMAE occurs naturally and is a potent amino antioxidant; an anti-inflammatory; and an anti-aging nutrient.  Unlike other antioxidants, DMAE is a membrane stabilizer, which results in a dramatic firming effect on skin.  It also offers some protection from free radicals. 

The amino acid in soybean protein adds nutrients and can promote the production of the skin’s collagen protein, while encouraging restoration of stressed skin’s physiological equilibrium.

These luxurious soaps clean, moisturize and reinvigorate the skin.  These are 100% all natural, pure soap with no detergents, surfactants or sulfates.   


TROPICAL SHEA with Silk Protein

Made with natural shea butter, it is specifically formulated to clean and protect the skin against weather, sun and aging.  The added silk protein protects the skin from dehydration and imparts a wonderful softening quality.  Moisturizes with great lather, leaving your skin soft and silky.



Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties.  This incredibly well-balanced soap is very soothing and cleansing to the skin and is made with 5% added Aloe Vera Gel.  The added Vitamins E, one of the stronger antioxidants, has been shown to have a wide variety of skin benefits, while Vitamin A acts as a regenerating agent that hydrates and softens the skin.


 GOATS MILK with Blueberry Seeds

Softens skin and has a delicate, creamy lather. Our Goat’s Milk soap is made with 10% real goat’s milk and retains its natural cream color.  A few blueberry seeds are added for light exfoliation.



A generous amount of soothing honey (10% added, 100% pure, natural grade-A honey) has been added along with almond oil to make this a naturally soothing, moisturizing soap, rich in vitamins and minerals.  Honey has been used since biblical times to heal minor skin irritations and is probably one of the first skin-care ingredients used to restore that youthful glow.



Oatmeal wheat soap is known to exfoliate the skin and has a great moisturizing lather. Our oatmeal wheat soap is made with so many finely ground rolled oats and wheat bran that it has a sort of “crunchy oat” look!  Added is wheat protein which serves to retain moisture and increase firmness of the skin.

The collection is available in four of Tijon's Men's Fragrances:  2.0, 3.0, X.2 and SXM

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