Custom Lotion, 200 mL

Custom Lotion, 200 mL

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Did you take one of our Fragrance-Creation classes?  If so, you can order your fragrance recipe in a lotion at any time.*

This cream-based lotion leaves your skin with a silky, non-greasy feeling.  Added herbal extracts aid in soothing and protecting the skin. Created using the finest ingredients, including shea butter and chamomile, aloe vera and papaya extracts.

When you place your order, please be sure to add the following information in the NOTES BOX on the Shopping Cart page:

1. The name of the Custom Fragrance.

2. The First & Last Name of the creator of the custom recipe.

3. What location this fragrance was made: St. Martin or La Jolla.

We cannot fulfill custom orders without this information!

* If your fragrance was created in St. Martin before 2012, you may need to provide your recipe.


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