Collection - 3 Piece Men's Gift Set

Collection - 3 Piece Men's Gift Set

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Each gift set includes (2) 30ml  bottles of your choice of one of the following men's fragrance with corresponding deodorant powder and scented body lotion. 

    • SXM: Refreshing. A natural woodsy scent, inspired by the sun and the sea. This is Tijon’s first fragrance created for men. 
    • 2.0: Mysterious. A luxurious citrus scent that combines spice with a touch of bergamot and sandalwood.
    • X.2: Adventurous. A bold blend of herbaceous notes with subtle florals and moss.
    • 3.0: Invigorating. A bright blend of citrus and floral notes, highlighting the base notes of amber and musk.
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