Why a custom perfume?

Why make a custom perfume?

Designer perfumes are popular brands created by fashion houses and mass produced, often attaching a celebrity to the brand.

The chic trend in perfumes is for Boutique, or Niche perfumes. These are fragrances produced individually or in small batches allowing the wearer fashionable individuality.

Consumers are being drawn to the attention to the detail of smaller-scale, independent fragrance houses. This sector of the market is booming thanks to those striving for quality and individuality.

And the most Boutique or Niche perfume possible is the creation of your own custom fragrance. It is as individual as it gets!

“The future of perfume is all about personalization and the pulling down of boundaries, from engraving and create-your-own fragrance to genderless scents – you are unique and so should your perfume be.”

Andrea Rickard

Head of Buying at the Perfume Shop, the UK’s #1 perfume retailer

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