Play With Aphrodisiacs... 

Enjoy a perfume creation experience and make your own "Love Potion"!  

The word aphrodisiac brings to mind all kind of erotic and sensual thoughts and is derived from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.  Known for beauty, love,  desire and passion, this Goddess sparks that inner fire that most are looking for, but are possibly too afraid to mention. Mixers beware!  When you use aphrodisiacs in food or perfume, there is a tendency for arousal...

A lot of scents have been found to arouse both men and women, and have been used effectively to create passion for generations. For those looking to ignite your basic sexual instincts, take a look at some of the scents below. 


Rose:  Symbolic not only of love, this scent is known to spice up romance in the bedroom.


Cinnamon:  A spicy scent that can be used to ignite passion. Known to attract men, it generates warmth and excitement.

Jasmine:  Known aphrodisiac for both sexes and is used for mood elevation. It's sensuous and brings out strength, affection and warmth in a sexual relationship. In India its said that owners of elephants put jasmine oil or flowers on them to arouse them and assist them in reproducing.   

Amber:  Its sultry, rich fragrance is believed to ignite the senses and stimulate a sensual, passionate response in those who breathe it. 

Musk:  An arousing fragrance, that builds confidence and strength.

Ylang Ylang:  In Indonesia ylang ylang flowers are spread on the beds of newly married couples. 

Cedarwood:  Known to arouse sexual desire, particularly in men.

Note:  Any scent that turns you on and makes you aware of your sexuality can be termed as an aphrodisiac scent.


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