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"Visiting Tijon became a check off on my "bucket list."  Each aspect of the class kept me smiling, from smelling so many oils,  to the fascinating info shared so clearly.  Cyndi gently assisted in my decisions of which oils to combine to most reflect me.  As a psychotherapist, it was a validation of my best inner reflection to share with the world!"  

Denise L., Folsom, CA


“What is so surprising is what you make actually smells great.  The men in the class I think were just there for their wives, but ended up having as much fun as the women did.”

Island43017, Dublin, OH


“My daughter and I went to Tijon and had the best time taking the perfume class. Very Very classy.  In my opinion this is the best thing to do while you are here.”

Cindiarella, Fredericksburg, VA


“It is an EXCELLENT value for the money, you cannot go wrong. You will feel sooooo proud just as I did. I just happen to LOVE my new scent. . . it makes for a great story. Try this experience, it’s worth every minute!!”

Natakia1108, Charlotte, NC


“I took my Wife here as a surprise on our honeymoon!  I found myself enjoying the class as much as my wife. A great experience.  A must do!”

Marriedandlovin, Southern CA


“I'm a foodie and love to cook and this is as much fun as putting together a gourmet meal without the calories!! Don't miss this totally unique opportunity!!”

ERDoc1025, San Diego, CA


“This was the highlight of our trip-- the best thing we did . . . You will not be disappointed.  It's just that good.  Perfect for mother-daughter, sisters, friends, and especially couples.”

Travels5USA, USA


 “I visited Tijon and I created an amazing perfume. This perfume is so good that I get stopped everywhere with people that are interested in this product. . . Am I able to buy another bottle of this perfume?”

Jaclyn, N.Y.C.


“A Must Do . . . I would pay triple for the experience again. Do not miss out on making your own one of a kind perfume. You will be talking about it for years to come. The gifts alone are worth more that the price of the class. I cannot wait to return......”                                                                                    

Polizpow, Washington D.C.


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