Heartlink Necklace

Heartlink Necklace

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Classic gold- or silver-plated Heartlink necklace with unique pink stone bead that can be scented, complete with an elegant Tijon perfume bottle charm. 

The necklace chain measures 30" with a 3" extender, and the pendants are approximately 1" in length.

The story behind these necklaces:

Jovan Van Drielle, was on a mission to change the world one heart at a time.

In the fall of 2015, following a life-changing adventure in France (that included a private tour of the Osmothèque in Versailles), Jovan noticed a small lump in her breast. Soon thereafter it was confirmed: Stage 3 breast cancer.

Jovan immediately thought to create something that could inspire other women in the same situation. And thus, the Tijon Heartlink necklace was born. A beautiful necklace - a talisman containing Colorado limestone that can be sprayed with a favorite fragrance every morning in order to boost one's spirits. The Heartlink necklace, available in a silver or gold finish, can slip easily over one's head, and every time you lift it to your nose, you are able to breathe in your favorite healing scent.

Since many are allergic to fragrance, especially while undergoing medical treatment, here Jovan discovered the perfect solution. You can easily apply your favorite essential oil to the absorbing stone (set inside the necklace) and totally experience a healing scent comforting you all day long.

Tijon's Heartlink necklaces: linking hearts and scent memory to comfort and heal.

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