Valentine's Day Open House

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Info info

In lieu of the annual Fragrance of the Year Party, Tijon La Jolla had a casual open house.
To nibble, there were: gluten-free mini cupcakes (lovely combinations of vanilla, chocolate, mocha and rose cake and buttercream!) as well as chocolate madeleines and candies (raspberry gummies, Hershey's dark chocolate kisses or Mike & Ikes). The bubbly sips were flutes of chilled club soda and the optional choice of either lavender or rose simple syrup, topped with fresh raspberries!

Our team in La Jolla thanks those that were able to stop by. They love seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

We hope that you had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend, wherever you may have been!!

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Yes, you can celebrate Valentine's Day at Tijon!

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Info info

Though our La Jolla & St. Martin locations are normally closed on Sundays, we will be open THIS Valentine's Day by appointment! Call or email us soon to schedule your perfect Valentine's Day fragrance creation experience.

For our flagship location in Grand Case, St. Martin F.W.I.:

Sunday, 2/14 classes will be by appointment only.
To make an appointment, please email: john@tijon.com

For our La Jolla, CA, USA location:

Sunday, 2/14 boutique hours will be from 10:30 am - 5 pm which will coincide with our Valentine's Day Weekend Open House.

Come by for a sweet treat & some bubbly sips when you shop in our boutique! With your boutique or class purchase, you can enter our prize drawing to win one of our luxurious sugar scrubs or house-made reed diffusers (fit for the romantic ambiance)! We will have 3 winners, so the odds are ever in your favor!

For 2/14 class appointments, please email info@tijon.com or call our boutique: 619.821.8219

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Fragrance of the Year Re-Cap!

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Info info

It's been a busy start to the year, and a re-cap of our first annual Fragrance of the Year party is long overdue!

Our Académie de Parfum members were all encouraged to submit their fragrance for this friendly annual contest in which the winning fragrance was to be chosen by John Bergland, Tijon's founder and nose, in St. Martin. The winner was announced at our Fragrance of the Year party, which was hosted in our lab on the afternoon of Sunday, February 15, 2015.

The three finalists were: Kierkegaard's Couch, Levant and Moroccan Blue.

Kierkegaard’s Couch is a bold fragrance that has a soft and sensual dry down. It has warm base notes of vanilla and black amber musk, and middle notes of leather, tobacco and neroli. It’s incredibly romantic.
Levant is an elegant fragrance with primary notes of rose, frankincense and myrrh, and with subtle hints of leathery musk. To round out the fragrance, there are spicy and herbaceous notes, which are softened by honey, chamomile and amber.
Moroccan Blue is a subtle, gourmand fragrance that has fruity notes with depths of coffee, tobacco, vanilla, amber, and spicy hints of ginger and thyme.

The staff at Tijon La Jolla hosted a fun-filled soirée with the help of Nine10 Photobooth, PURE Cupcakes (based in nearby Pacific Beach and the 2013 winner of Cupcake Wars), and Bloomers Flowers of La Jolla. Good friends of Tijon attended, including Robin De Ryckere, the owner of About Town Magazine, and Cindy Matalucci, the producer of The Pulse SD. In addition to PURE Cupcakes’ miniature cupcakes, a variety of other sweets were served. Chilled flutes of champagne were poured neat or with Chambord and bobbing fresh raspberries.

Here’s what John Berglund had to say about the winning fragrance:

As Tijon’s nose, I had the opportunity to judge many qualifying fragrances, all of which offered varying degrees of complexity and beauty. Ms. Hall’s fragrance, however, stood out as uniquely adventurous: while it appeals to men, it could easily be worn by the outdoor-minded woman. 

In creating her winning fragrance, Ms. Hall chose oils that are singularly attractive but blend harmoniously, creating a beautiful non-traditional orchestration. The scent conveys a quiet “lived -in” elegance highlighted with its note of leather. Sufficient base notes are incorporated, allowing the scent to lovingly linger on the body.

Naming the fragrance after S øren Kierkegaard added to the spirituality of the scent. As I write this letter of congratulations, know that I am enjoying this well-crafted fragrance. As a matter of fact, a bottle of Kierkegaard’s Couch is within reach now!

As the winner of the Fragrance of the Year contest, Kierkegaard’s Couch is now available for purchase in our La Jolla boutique (and Ms. Hall will be receiving 50% of the fragrance’s sales). Her story will be featured in the 2015 Spring/Summer issue of About Town Magazine.

Stay tuned!

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7 Bulletin Board Ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted on February 01, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Although marketed as a holiday for couples and romance, Valentine’s Day is really all about celebrating love and acceptance – which is something that every classroom needs. There are plenty of fun and simple ways to make your classroom a bit more festive this February. The bulletin board ideas for Valentine’s Day below are a great place to start.

Heart-Themed Bulletin Board
Have students cut out little hearts and put their names in the middle of each one. Decorate the bulletin board with the hearts to create a fun and festive board your class will appreciate. Be sure to use appropriate colors like red, purple, pink and white. 
As an alternative, you can have your students choose to put things they love in the middle of their heart instead. This can include their pets, their favorite quotes or sayings, etc. Or, you may have each student draw a picture of themselves and place it in the center of their heart. 

Valentine’s Day Poem Board
Have students write Valentine’s Day related poems and post them on the bulletin board. If students feel bashful about placing their name on the poem, they can remain anonymous. Other students can include their name if they wish. While this may not be an ideal choice for young students, those who know how to read and write will enjoy this activity. Not only is this a fun way to celebrate the holiday, but it can also teach children how to use rhyming appropriately and reinforce the basics of writing poetry.

An Educational Heart Board
Although this bulletin board idea may not be quite as fun or interactive as the other ideas, it can serve as an excellent educational tool. Create a bulletin board that focuses on the human heart. Add facts and other important information about the heart. What does the heart do? How many times does the average heart beat per minute? How about per year? This is a great bulletin board idea for science and health classrooms.

A Valentine’s Day Riddle Board
Fill your bulletin board with hearts or candy shapes. Have each student write a “sweet treat” riddle on folded paper and attach each one to a different piece of candy. Each student should describe a piece of candy and then ask “What am I?” For example, “I have chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside. What am I?” The answer should be written on the inside of the folded paper. The class can then later try to solve each riddle. This is a fun exercise that requires students describe objects in a meaningful way.

Valentine’s Day Quotes and Sayings
A simple way to decorate your bulletin board for Valentine’s Day is to include a festive quote or saying. A simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “We love learning” will suffice. Although the idea is simple, you can add fun 3D elements to the board that really make it stand out. To make it a more interactive exercise, have your students help you create each element. For example, if you plan on creating a 3D tree with owls sitting on each branch, you can have each student create an owl out of construction paper or a simple brown paper bag. Try to tie your bulletin board theme to both Valentine’s Day and what you are teaching your class at the moment.

“Things We Love” Bulletin Board
To celebrate the “love” of Valentine’s Day, have your students write something that they love about school in the middle of a heart. Students can write whatever they want providing it relates to the school. The hearts can be made out of colored construction paper or whatever other material you may have on hand. Allow the kids to cut out their own hearts if they are capable. Having hearts of varying sizes will create a balanced look and ensure that there is plenty of room for every student’s heart. 

Subject-Themed Bulletin Board
For teachers that teach only one or two different subjects, a subject-themed Valentine’s Day bulletin board is a great idea. “We love reading,” “Music Makes Life Sweeter” or a math-related theme can get your students into the spirit while helping them learn new concepts. You can use the bulletin board to present a new idea, or to review recent material. This is a great way to get kids excited about learning and help them easily absorb the material.  

A Few Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Tips
Be creative! Find a catchy saying that relates learning or the subject to Valentine’s Day.
Be interactive. Try to choose a bulletin board idea that allows your students to get involved. 
Include everyone. Make sure that all of our students are involved in the creation process. If students are shy about participating, do your best to get them excited and comfortable with the idea.

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8 Cute Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Posted on January 27, 2014 by Tijon Employee
No matter whether you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day with that special someone or with your best friend, finding the right outfit to wear is absolutely essential. Even if cupid hasn’t quite found you yet, you want to look your best if you plan on heading to a party or hanging out with a big group of friends. Below are some cute Valentine's Day outfit ideas no matter what your plans are. 

For a Romantic Date
If you and your significant other are planning a fun or romantic date night, make sure that you dress for the occasion. Dressy outfits are perfect for a night out on the town or a romantic dinner for two. Even if your plans are casual, you want to dress the part.

The little black (or red) dress is always a good choice. Fit and flare dresses are trendy and perfect for any occasion. If you’re really looking to drive him wild, go with a red or black lace dress. For ladies with warmer skin tones, red may be a better choice and a more festive one too. Black is also a good choice, but you can add a little Valentine’s Day love to the look by wearing red lipstick or a pair of killer red heels. Opt for a pair of high heel wedges that are easy to walk in for maximum comfort. Simple accessories and a small clutch purse will keep his focus and attention on you.

Black skinnies with a festive top. If dresses really aren’t your thing or are inappropriate for your date, opt for a pair of fitting black skinnies and a pretty pink or red top. A fitted long-sleeved button down or sleeveless halter top are ideal for a night out. Pair the outfit with a pair of black flats or heels, a simple bracelet and a clutch purse.

For a Group Hangout
If you plan on going out with a big group of friends on Valentine’s Day, leave your jeans and t-shirt in the closet. Even if you plan on going somewhere casual, dress up for the occasion anyway.

Black pants and a feminine top. A pair of black skinnies will work well and a romantic pale pink chiffon top is a festive choice that isn’t over the top. Pair the outfit with a pair of black flats, a long pearl necklace and your favorite clutch.

Black pencil skirt with button-down top. You never know where Mr. Right will turn up. Be ready for anything in a form fitting pencil skirt and a cute button-down top. Opt for a black skirt and white top to keep things simple yet elegant. Accessorize with a pair of black pumps. Add red lipstick or a piece of red jewelry to make the look more Valentine’s Day friendly. 

For a Valentine’s Day Party
If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day at a party, it’s not really necessary to “dress to the nines.” Nevertheless, you still want to look cute and festive. 

Skater skirt and witty tee-shirt. A skater skirt is still casual but dressy enough to fit the occasion. Go for a pink color to be festive without going over the top. To keep things interesting, opt for a top with a witty saying to get the conversation started. Complete the look with a pair of heeled booties and simple gold accessories.

Black skinny pants, black silk tank and animal print blazer. Show off your wild side by pairing simple black skinnies with a black top and leopard print blazer. Accessorize with a red clutch and red pumps. This bold look is sure to get some attention and turn some heads.

For a Girl’s Night
Who says Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? A girl’s night out is a fun way to celebrate the occasion (and being single) without having to worry about buying gifts and getting dressed up.  

Jeans and a sweatshirt. Your favorite pair of jeans and comfortable (but cute) sweatshirt is the perfect outfit if you plan on spending the night relaxing and watching movies with friends. Opt for a sweatshirt with a heart or a cute saying like “I love my pillows.” Don’t forget to wear a pair of cute pink or red knee socks. 

Pink skinnies with a white top and black cardigan. If you’re feeling a bit festive, add some color to your look by wearing a pair of pink skinnies. Pale pink is best. A simple white top and black cardigan keeps the look casual but cute and comfortable. 

A Few Final Tips
No matter how you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that your best look is one that you feel comfortable and confident in. Here are some tips to make sure you nail your V-Day. 

Choose a color and style that suits you. If pink or red doesn’t look good on you, don’t wear those colors. If you really feel the need, go for small accessories like a red clutch or bracelet. This way, you can still be festive without compromising your look. If you are uncomfortable in a form-fitting dress, go with something that is more your style. No matter how good you look, you will have a miserable time if you are uncomfortable the entire night.

Don’t go overboard with makeup. Keep it simple and natural. You want your date to see the real you – not layers of makeup. 

How People Use Their Mobile Devices for Valentine's Day

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