Become Your Own Celebrity

Posted on July 06, 2014 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

Ever wanted to feel like a celebrity without being bombarded by tabloids or having your life viewed under a magnifying glass? While the celebrity perks seem endless, its not always rainbows and butterflies for those in the spot light. I am here to provide you with some insight on how you can stop chasing celebrities, and instead, become your own celebrity! There are short-term steps you can take, such as creating your own custom fragrance, and there are long term steps focused on self-improvement.

Long-term Efforts to Becoming Your Own Celebrity

Any person who has dreams and the desire to achieve those dreams can attain celebrity status. Whether that is feeling like a celebrity within your own mind or worldwide fame, is up to you. Either way you must:

  • Identify your strengths and then your limitations.
  • Acquire the necessary skills.
  • Challenge yourself everyday.
  • Be true to who you are and what you believe in.

With consistent practice and effort, you will find the celebrity within yourself and you will no longer chase the celebrities of the world. Rather you will pave your own road and create your own trends.

Quick Fix

Now, let’s get down to business. Everything I mentioned requires patience and hard work. While I highly encourage you to heed my previous advice, as it will get you far in life, I would also like to provide you with a quick fix. What is something that every big celebrity has (other than a big house, far too many cars, and over-sized sunglasses)?

Their very OWN fragrance.

David Beckham has “Intimately Beckham”. Beyoncé has “Heat”. Justin Bieber has “Girlfriend”. And as everybody knows, the original celebrity perfumer herself, Coco Chanel, has “Chanel N°5”.

While we all love the classic celebrity perfumes, you don't need to be a celebrity to create a custom fragrance; anybody can do it.  And everybody should do it.  Because let's face it, individuality is what makes the world go round (well, it as least keeps things interesting).

Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique is that quick fix that transforms you into your very own celebrity.

Create YOUR "Chanel N°5"

For more info about Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique, call a scent-specialist at (619) 821-8210, email us at info@tijon.com, visit us online at www.tijon.com or at your local La Jolla Location Tijon 7853 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla CA 92037.

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What's in a Name?

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Rachelle Crumrine

With the recent birth of the royal baby, people are abuzz about the name of this new little prince. William and Kate chose relatively quickly, taking only two days to settle on the traditional name of “George” for His Highness and third-in-line to the throne. Many moms in the UK even postponed naming their newborns until after they knew what the royal baby would be named! As you can see, choosing a name can be a tough process.

It is equally, if not more, tough to name something as evocative and ephemeral as a fragrance. Sense of smell is very elusive and hard to pin down. A perfume name can be inspired by a number of things: by its ingredients, by its scent personality, or by whatever is trending in the industry at the time. Oftentimes perfume houses will hire master marketers and focus groups to christen their creations with names that will sell.

On the other hand, some of the most memorable perfumes have a touch of the personal, inspired and named after people, places, or memories special to their creator. Here at Tijon many of our signature fragrances have a unique story behind their name.  Shallae was named after Rachelle, owner of Tijon La Jolla and daughter of Tijon’s founder John Berglund. Shallae is a French take on Rachelle’s nickname, Shelli, and is unique and luxurious, just like her!

Many of our perfumes are rightfully inspired by the island of St. Martin. Our top seller LaSavane is an adventurous, tropical scent named after a village nestled in the hills of St. Martin. The romantic, playful Baie Rouge was named after one of the most beautiful French beaches in St. Martin. And SXM, our robust men’s cologne and the very first fragrance John created, is named for the St. Martin airport code. Think: what do you suppose the story is behind your favorite fragrance?

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Coronado: The Crowned One

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Rachelle Crumrine

Coronado, translated in Spanish as the “crowned one”, flaunts historic monuments, a picturesque beach and harbor, and year-round activities for the tourist and local alike. Tijon Parfumerie recently announced Coronado as the winner of its countywide Signature Scent contest. Voted on an online poll, Coronado is the second fragrance in the Parfumerie’s custom San Diego line; La Jolla being the first.


Why did San Diego choose Coronado as the next signature scent? Well, with views of Downtown San Diego and a ferry that crosses the bay, anyone can rent a bike, segway or surrey and simply cruise down the boardwalk while stopping along outstanding waterfront restaurants. The other side of the island is home to one of the Nation’s most beautiful beaches with rich white sand and the historic Hotel Del Coronado. This famous landmark and hotel is a great place to dine, admire the antique decor, or just relax at the 4-star spa.


With three different scents to choose from, the public is invited to stop by Tijon (7853 Herschel Ave.) during the month of July to vote on the perfume they think should be “crowned” the signature scent of San Diego’s beautiful beach town.  There is also a drawing to win a free perfume creation experience!

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