In Time for the Holidays ... Crystal Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklaces

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Info info

Our best-selling crystal perfume pendant necklaces now come in the most stunning gift-presentation: corked glass vials. Included in each vial is a complimentary dram of perfume and a small funnel (to assist with filling the pendant with perfume or essential oils).

This is the perfect gift for that SCENTsational person on your holiday list!

Available online and in our La Jolla boutique.

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Famous Fragrances Throughout History

Posted on February 06, 2015 by Emily Villanueva

There is a certain allure that comes with the classics, and this is especially true of fragrances. For example, Marie Antoinette wore "Jardin Secret," a fragrance by Parisian perfume house Lubin that was rediscovered and revived as "Black Jade" in 2011. A spicy chypre floral, Jardin Secret/Black Jade is opulent and feminine-- the scent embodiment of Marie Antoinette herself. That's the power behind perfume: its ability to complement and create identity, which is an important aspect of being a public figure.

Here's a roundup of historical fragrances with their famous fans. Let's take a look!

Jicky by Guerlain

Worn by Brigitte Bardot, Jicky is considered the first "modern" perfume in the industry's history. It was the first "abstract perfume" in a sea of "figurative perfumes," and is the oldest perfume in continuous existence (it was first manufactured in 1889).

Created by Aime Guerlain (the son of the Guerlain's founder Pierre Guerlain), Jicky was inspired by a young woman Aime was enamored with. The juxtaposition of bright and aromatic top notes with a warm, spicy base makes this Oriental Fougere contrasting and surprising, much like the dynamic duality of coy sensuality that Bardot was famous for.

Shalimar by Guerlain

Shalimar is another legendary perfume from the house of Guerlain. In production since 1921, it was actually the result of a playful experiment by Jacques Guerlain (Aime's nephew). One day, Jacques poured a whole bottle of sweet vanillin into Jicky, and Shalimar was born.

Shalimar, which means "temple of love" in Sanskrit, was a direct product of the 1920's fascination with the Far East. While Art Deco style flourished and films like Casablanca glamorized Morocco, Guerlain took inspiration from the Taj Mahal and the mythical gardens of Pakistan. Heady, exotic, and mysterious, Shalimar is not for the faint of heart, and has thus been popular with many starlets and entertainers. 

Joy by Jean Patou

Declared by Jackie O. as her signature scent, Joy is one of the most successful fragrances in history and is respectfully referred to as "the world's most expensive perfume."

With 10,600 jasmine flowers and 336 roses, Joy smells like "a light avalanche of flowers from the east and west" according to the Patou website. It is a white floral in its purest sense. Decadent yet delicate, and classy like no other, just like Jackie O.

Chanel No. 5 by Chanel

Chanel No. 5 is arguably the most iconic fragrance of all time. Launched in 1921, Chanel No. 5 was a trailblazer and a multitude of "firsts." It was the first to be created specifically for women (historically, fragrances were unisex); the first to be marketed by a fashion house; and the first created using revolutionary alchemy techniques. It was also the first to be advertised during the Super Bowl, and the only perfume immortalized in Andy Warhol's art.

The story goes that Chanel's perfumer Ernest Beaux made a variety of vials for Coco Chanel to test out, and she chose the fifth vial, hence the name. An intoxicating blend of rose, jasmine, and aldehydes, it is very widely worn. But the most well-known of its wearers is Marilyn Monroe, who famously said that Chanel No. 5 was all she wore to bed. 

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Holiday Giveaway x Perfume Shrine

Posted on December 29, 2014 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

This December we teamed up with acclaimed perfume blog Perfume Shrine to host a contest with a very special gift. We asked readers to share the best holiday surprise they ever received, and the prize for the best story was our new Tijon handbag. Shaped like a classic perfume bottle with a leather braided chain, gold details, and black lacquer finish, this gorgeous new purse is not even in store yet.

And the readers of Perfume Shrine really delivered. With so many joyous and funny entries, it was a difficult task choosing just one. But the winner of the Holiday "Surprise" Giveaway is (drumroll please)... username KKinDKwith her heartfelt story about her friends' incredible generosity during a tough time in her life. Congratulations KKinDK! Also, congrats to runners-up Amy Barry, Nathan, Gail, and AllGirlMafia, who all received an atomizer pen! 

Make sure to read Perfume Shrine, as well as follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to keep updated on all of our contests and giveaways.


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Meet the Staff: Vanessa

Posted on September 29, 2014 by Info info
Introducing... Vanessa, Tijon La Jolla's new Assistant Manager!

Name: Vanessa

Seattle, WA

Favorite Tijon Fragrance:  Caye Verte - it is a delicate yet refreshing fragrance. It makes me think of a beachy romantic getaway, the undertones of sandalwood, musk & patchouli are wonderfully subtle. 

Favorite Oil: Geranium - it's a lovely uplifting floral, yet it has a nice spice to it. In aromatherapy, it's used for its calming properties & health benefits (anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic, insecticide, regenerative, etc.). Geranium petals are edible garnish & geranium oil can be used as a flavouring in desserts, like jams, buttercream, tea, cakes & ice cream. One of my yoga instructors would give adjustments whilst utilising essential oils on her hands during savasana - I loved it so much that I got the same blend (geranium oil is a primary ingredient). It lifts my spirits every time I get a whiff - also being able to use geranium oil like you would use vanilla extract in desserts is a fun twist to a recipe! 

When did you first start wearing perfume or cologne? What fragrance was it?: This is an embarrassing one, but mind you - I was probably 11 years old! - Tommy Girl. 

What is your earliest scent memory?: The smell of sandalwood incense at my great-grandmother's house. To this day, the smell of incense brings so many memories to mind, including travels to temples in Asia, family occasions & cultural holidays. 

Three words that describe you: Resourceful, Sassy, Inquisitive

What do you love most about working at Tijon?: Hearing the fascinating stories our guests tell about their experiences with fragrance & seeing their reactions when they blend their own perfume!

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Science Says That Pleasant Scents Make Us Seem More Attractive

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Emily Villanueva


     We already know that scent plays the most important role in attracting mates, but do we know why? New research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center found that people find faces more attractive when in the presence of pleasant odors because they tap into a certain part of the brain that processes emotional evaluation and neural processing. Odor pleasantness and facial attractiveness are directly integrated.
     In the study, 18 adults were asked to rate the attractiveness of faces in photographs. Meanwhile, different blends of fish oil and rose oil were released, ranging from strongly fishy to strongly rosy. Unsurprisingly, faces were rated more attractive when being rated while smelling the rose odor. This is because attractiveness is an emotional process-- not rational-- meaning that attractiveness is more about the judging person's mood and emotions (subjective), then how the judged person actually looks (objective). And emotions are heavily influenced by smell. When you are smelling sweet things, you are instantly put in a better mood, and thus more likely to judge people favorably. 
     Moral of the story? Smelling good is a scientific way to enhance your attractiveness. So spray some perfume on those pulse points and watch the admirers line up.

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