Fragrance: Keep the Passion Alive

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Cyndi Berglund

As summer comes to an end, don’t let the sun set on your relationship; keep that heat alive by incorporating fragrance into your life. While there are many ways to invoke or maintain the passion in a relationship, the use of fragrance is not often considered. However, it’s a simple fix and highly effective.

Scented oils, perfumes, and other fragrances have been widely used by people since early civilization. Today, fragrances can be found all around, from scented candles to your favorite bath and body products. People often don’t realize that the scents in these products lead to emotional and physically stimulation. There are numerous reasons why people wear fragrances, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that they make us feel happy. However, this happiness is heavily dependent on the individual. It can range from the presence of pheromones, memories the scent invokes, a feeling of escape, and the ability to express individuality through fragrances. All of these emotions can lead to a stronger and happier relationship as well as work to keep the passion alive. For the purpose of this article, I will focus on pheromones as they relate to scents and attraction.

Pheromones are scent-triggered hormones that work to stimulate sexual appetite. Logically, this hormone plays an important role in human sexuality and desire. While it’s not the first question asked among our Tijon customers, the discussion of pheromones is undoubtedly had during our fragrance creation classes. We have even begun carrying a pumpkin spice soap, which is shown to increase penile blood flow by 40%. A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species working to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. Enter sex pheromones. Sex pheromones are released by an organism to attract an individual of the opposite sex for one purpose and one purpose only: to encourage the receiving individual that it’s mating time. While humans like to think of themselves as, well humans, at the end of the day, we are all just animals. The classic story of boy meets girl is highly influenced by sexual attraction, which is heavily determined by pheromones and scent.

That being said, don’t you think it’s time to look a little deeper into the scent that you’re emitting to your current or potential mates? The fragrance you spray on before a date (be it a first date or a date with your husband of 30 years) could be the difference between a lonely night and a not-so-lonely night. Analogs of the natural human hormone can be found in some fragrances triggering increased sexual appetite. The list of known pheromones is constantly growing. Though, most of the currently recognized pheromones only work on men. As such, women wearing these types of perfumes instill greater sexual desire in the men surrounding them while boosting her own self-esteem as her feelings of being attractive and adorned grow. This certainly makes any woman feel happier and a happy woman results in a happy man.

So, if you’re looking to keep that heat alive, you should definitely take notes on the following:

  • Men become more sexually aroused upon smelling Pumpkin and Lavender
  • Women become more sexually aroused upon smelling Cucumber and Anise.

Do with this information as you will.

For more information on fragrance and their impact on various aspects of our lives, come in to Tijon Parfumerie and Boutique in Grand Case, St. Martin. You can also visit us online at www.tijon.com

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How to Make Perfume Last

Posted on July 13, 2014 by Cyndi Berglund

Whether you’re preparing for a hot date or heading off to a long day at the office, you want your perfume to last. As a Tijon Perfume Expert, I am here to advise you. In the art of keeping things simple, I will break it down into 4 easy steps:   

1)   Moisturize your skin

2)   Apply your perfume to pulse points

3)   Don’t rub in your perfume

4)   Store your perfume correctly

Moisturizing Your Skin

While having naturally oily skin isn’t always something to brag about, when it comes to wearing perfume, brag away! A scent will actually last much longer on oily skin. For those of you with dry skin (fun fact: blondes have naturally dryer skin), then be sure to moisturize your skin before applying your perfume. First, find out if your perfume comes in a lotion form. If it does not, you can apply any unscented moisturizer to damp skin wherever you plan to apply your perfume (keep reading to find out WHERE to apply your perfume).

Apply Your Perfume to Pulse Points

See, I told you just had to keep reading. You have probably seen people applying perfume to their neck or their wrists, but why? These two places are common pulse points (any place on your body that you can feel your heart rate). Since heat works to activate perfume, the warmth of the blood in these areas activates your scent. Your pulse points are located:

  • Behind your ear
  • Base of your throat
  • Inside of your wrist
  • Inside of your elbow
  • Behind your knee 

    Do NOT Rub Your Perfume

    Spritz, spritz, rub, rub; that’s how you apply perfume, right? Wrong. Many people feel the need to rub in their perfume in order to warm the skin or spread the scent. This, however, breaks down the perfume molecules releasing them into thin air. If you want your perfume to last, do not rub it. If you feel the need to do something, try waving your body part with the applied perfume around for a few seconds, this should do the trick.

    Storing Your Perfume

    Just as heat works to activate your perfume on your skin, it will activate your perfume in its bottle, causing it to be less fragrant. As a result, you should not store your perfume in heat, humidity, or direct sunlight (yes, this includes your bathroom…showers and baths create a great deal of humidity). Find a cool place, away from direct sunlight, to store your perfume.

    To learn more fun facts about perfume, come in to Tijon Parfumerie & Boutique located in Grand Case, St. Martin  and spend some time with our Tijon Scent Specialists.  You can also find us online at www.tijon.com and if you have any questions.


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    Our Sense of Smell

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by Cyndi Berglund

    Our sense of smell, like all of our bodily functions, is so much more complex than people realize. It can affect our moods and our ability to taste; two things I know I hold dearly to my overall quality of life. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about the power of smell:

    You are always using your sense of smell
    Although it is the most neglected of all our senses, it plays a vital role in our sense of well-being and quality of life. Our brain responds before we are even aware of a smell. So, take a minute and smell the roses. Who knows, it may be just the thing you need that day.
    When we sniff, we inhale odor molecules, which then bind to receptors in the nose
    We each have about 1,000 odor receptors allowing us to distinguish at least 3,000 molecules, allowing us to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors. I am not saying these odors are always pleasant, but you have over 10,000 options to find something you like.
    No two people smell the same odor in the same way
    That is why one person may like a perfume and another may not. It also makes the perfume-making experience a very personal one.
    Of all of our senses, smell triggers the strongest memories and can change your mood
    The olfactory nerve connects almost directly to the amygdale, in the limbic system in the brain, which is associated with memory and emotion. So the right perfume can be the key to your happiness!

    90% of taste (gestation) is actually smell
    If you hold your nose while you eat a piece of rich dark chocolate, it has no taste. Now, I do not encourage you doing this because every piece of rich dark chocolate deserves to be tasted. One would not want to so overtly disrespect chocolate.
    Nasal breathing can act as a substitute for coffee
    If you are feeling drowsy or have difficulty concentrating on a task, take deep breaths through your nose – you will stimulate the brain waves that promote an alert state.
    Our sense of smell is mature at birth
    It is one of the first senses that a newborn baby experiences. That is why a mother’s scent triggers a sense of security in a child.
    Our sense of smell is at work even while we are sleeping
    That's why the smell of bacon cooking never fails to wake you up.
    Many animals use scents to mark the path to and from a food source
    While humans do not have as strong a sense of smell as animals, my sense of smell often draws me towards my food sources (a delicious smelling restaurant or home-cooked meal).
    Our sense of smell is better in the summer than in the winter
    Meaning you should stick to light and fresh smelling perfumes during the summer months.
    Our appreciation for perfumes is not simply emotional—it is deeply thoughtful
       Visit us in our St. Martin Parfumerie  for the opportunity to create your very own fragrance, which can hold the key to your happiness!

      To book a Fragrance Creation Experience, book online at www.tijon.com. For any other information, e-mail us at info@tijon.com.

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      Become Your Own Celebrity

      Posted on July 06, 2014 by Cyndi Berglund

      Ever wanted to feel like a celebrity without being bombarded by tabloids or having your life viewed under a magnifying glass? While the celebrity perks seem endless, its not always rainbows and butterflies for those in the spot light. I am here to provide you with some insight on how you can stop chasing celebrities, and instead, become your own celebrity! There are short-term steps you can take, such as creating your own custom fragrance, and there are long term steps focused on self-improvement.

      Long-term Efforts to Becoming Your Own Celebrity

      Any person who has dreams and the desire to achieve those dreams can attain celebrity status. Whether that is feeling like a celebrity within your own mind or worldwide fame, is up to you. Either way you must:

      • Identify your strengths and then your limitations.
      • Acquire the necessary skills.
      • Challenge yourself everyday.
      • Be true to who you are and what you believe in.

      With consistent practice and effort, you will find the celebrity within yourself and you will no longer chase the celebrities of the world. Rather you will pave your own road and create your own trends.

      Quick Fix

      Now, let’s get down to business. Everything I mentioned requires patience and hard work. While I highly encourage you to heed my previous advice, as it will get you far in life, I would also like to provide you with a quick fix. What is something that every big celebrity has (other than a big house, far too many cars, and over-sized sunglasses)?

      Their very OWN fragrance.

      David Beckham has “Intimately Beckham”. Beyoncé has “Heat”. Justin Bieber has “Girlfriend”. And as everybody knows, the original celebrity perfumer herself, Coco Chanel, has “Chanel N°5”.

      While we all love the classic celebrity perfumes, you don't need to be a celebrity to create a custom fragrance; anybody can do it.  And everybody should do it.  Because let's face it, individuality is what makes the world go round (well, it as least keeps things interesting).

      Tijon Parfumerie & Boutique is that quick fix that transforms you into your very own celebrity.

      Email us at info@tijon.com, visit us online at www.tijon.com or travel to St. Martin and the village of Grand Case to see Tijon Parfumerie and Boutique in person!

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      Which San Diego Beach Are You?

      Posted on February 02, 2014 by Tijon Employee

      Among the things San Diego is most famous for (Mexican food, Sea World, Balboa Park, Ron Burgundy), our beautiful beaches definitely top the list. Whether you're a seasoned surfer looking to catch the gnarliest waves, or a photographer searching for that perfect sunset, the sun, sand, and sea is bountiful in our coastal paradise! So whether you're a born-and-bred or a shivering East Coaster dreaming of warmer climates, sink your toes into this list of five San Diego beaches for every activity and personality. 

      source: UT San Diego

      1. Most Famous... Coronado Beach

      The beach in Coronado, or "Crown Town" as the locals call it, is the site of the legendary Hotel Del Coronado, where Old Hollywood staycationed and Marilyn Monroe filmed Some Like it Hot. It is also listed as a National Historic Landmark and the "#1 Beach in the United States" as chosen by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research. It's the place to see and be seen. At Tijon, our Coronado perfume is a sweet summer scent that combines tropical fruits like coconut and papaya with hints of chamomile and clove for a scent as dazzling as the crown of the city.

      2. Most Private and Secluded... Solana Beach

      Because of its dramatic bluffs and steep staircases, Solana beach can be a bit difficult to access. The trouble is worth it, though, just for the pristine conditions and breathtaking views (which makes for a lovely ride-by on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train). The Seaside area is a surfer's dream with an outer reef that breaks on big swells, and Fletcher Park is a popular part for picnics and cave-dwelling. Tijon's own Solana fragrance is as unique as its namesake, with crisp notes of ocean rain and eucalyptus spearmint paired with delicate florals of rose and butterfly flower.

      source: beach cities real estate

      3. Most Stereotypically-Southern-California... Mission Beach

      It has a boardwalk and amusement park full of classic, 1920's-era rides like the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Giant Dipper rickety roller coaster. Oh, and there's also the Wave House, where wannabe surfers can learn how to shred on the Flowrider wave-simulation machine. It doesn't get any more SoCal than that.

      4. Most Hippie and Groovy... Ocean Beach

      The motto around these parts is "Keep O.B. Weird," and it is spoken with pride. Arguably the most progressive and bohemian beach of San Diego. Ocean Beach is majorly dog-friendly and replete with co-ops, organic markets, antique stores, drum circles, smoke shops, and vintage VW vans.

      source: UT San Diego

      5. Best All-Around... La Jolla 

      La Jolla Shores is well-known for being one of the best San Diego spots for water sports like kayaking, scuba diving, and parasailing. It's also a great place to marvel at the marine life and go whale-watching or seal-searching. We might be biased being La Jolla business residents, but we think the Shores is one of the prettiest places in town. And our La Jolla scent is one of our most popular fragrances, with fresh citrus notes of bergamot, lime, mandarin, and grapefruit layered over sweet flowers and a sensual base of patchouli, amber, sandalwood, and musk.



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