Science Says That Pleasant Scents Make Us Seem More Attractive

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Emily Villanueva


     We already know that scent plays the most important role in attracting mates, but do we know why? New research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center found that people find faces more attractive when in the presence of pleasant odors because they tap into a certain part of the brain that processes emotional evaluation and neural processing. Odor pleasantness and facial attractiveness are directly integrated.
     In the study, 18 adults were asked to rate the attractiveness of faces in photographs. Meanwhile, different blends of fish oil and rose oil were released, ranging from strongly fishy to strongly rosy. Unsurprisingly, faces were rated more attractive when being rated while smelling the rose odor. This is because attractiveness is an emotional process-- not rational-- meaning that attractiveness is more about the judging person's mood and emotions (subjective), then how the judged person actually looks (objective). And emotions are heavily influenced by smell. When you are smelling sweet things, you are instantly put in a better mood, and thus more likely to judge people favorably. 
     Moral of the story? Smelling good is a scientific way to enhance your attractiveness. So spray some perfume on those pulse points and watch the admirers line up.

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It Smells Like Summertime in San Diego

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Rachelle Crumrine



In San Diego, the weather attracts tourists and locals alike to venture outside and take in the fresh summer air. Whether you enjoy the salty scent of the ocean breeze or the traditional smell of floral, San Diego has something for everyone. We’ve come up with a list of the hottest spots in San Diego to enjoy the aromas of summer.



·      La Jolla Shores Beach not only offers the salty smell of the sea, but also transforms at night into the comforting smell of burning wood and roasted marshmallows with the public bonfire pits.

·      The sweet sugary scent of cotton candy fills the air at a San Diego summer favorite: the San Diego County Fair.

·      Who doesn’t love the smell of flowers? At the San Diego Botanic Garden, there are over 20 different gardens to savor the scent of exotic flowers.

·      Nothing smells more like summer than sunscreen. Head down to Seaworld’s latest venture, Aquatica, a 32-acre water park in Chula Vista and take in the essence of sunscreen and chlorine.


Now, imagine bottling any of these summer smells, which can imitate the season itself, into a perfume bottle to wear this summer. Make one more stop on your scent scavenger hunt and visit Tijon, where you can create handcrafted custom fragrances from over 300 oils with your own nose. Any combination of oils that you desire can be bottled and taken home to keep your summer memories of San Diego alive. Love the smell of roasted marshmallows or a walk on the beach, try making that scent at Tijon!  Visit wwww.tijon.com to schedule your experience today!


Summer is a time to experience new things… so get out there and enjoy what San Diego has to offer.

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