Introducing ... Barnardo Smoke

Posted on August 01, 2016 by Jovan Van Drielle

Barnardo Smoke
, igniting passion and desire, this unisex fragrance combines jasmine and rose with exotic teakwood, palmarosa, Bourbon vanilla and a soupçon of tobacco oil.

Jovan Van Drielle, President & CEO of Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique, has created an alluring masterpiece that will elicit compliments from all quarters.

Simply stated, Barnardo Smoke is unique in all the world, a fragrance that needs to be added to your must-have list. 

Available for purchase online, at our La Jolla boutique, or even upon request at our St. Martin flagship location.

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"Perfumes of the Month" Winners!

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

We recreated our Académie de Parfum Members' fragrance recipes ... for some, this may be a daunting task, but our staff was excited to sniff out the winners! For a truly unbiased approach to selecting the fragrances, we simply numbered the beakers and each of us tallied up our top choices.

Many of our clients ask us how we are able to tolerate all of the scents that we come into contact with in our lab. The answer is quite simple: our noses have adapted! Don't get us wrong: we still smell coffee beans to reset our noses when we compare fragrances.

Our top picks for the Perfumes of the Month are:

FLAWLESS by Danielle. An elegantly composed fragrance that is sultry with hints of spice from ylang ylang, thyme and lavender that is balanced by subtle, sweet notes of red currant and vanilla. 

LA BONNE VIE by Melissa. A bright and playful fragrance that has amber, Egyptian musk and vanilla undertones, with uplifting floral notes of gardenia, lily and hydrangea, as well as refreshing notes of cucumber and mint. 

VISION by Charles. A bold fragrance that features highly sought-after oud and sophisticated notes of tobacco and neroli that are tempered by soft citrus and herbal notes.

These three fragrances are available for you to smell, sample or even buy in our La Jolla boutique. If you aren't able to come to our boutique, have no fear: you can order online! Our members will each receive a portion of the sales should their fragrances be purchased!

We congratulate our winners and encourage our other members to continue creating. The Fragrance of the Year Contest awaits us in a little more than six months!

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Ways to Celebrate Your Mom this Mother's Day

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

As our class schedule fills up for Mother's Day weekend (May 9-10) and as online orders come in, we are excited to share our unique gift items & ideas to celebrate the occasion! 

Just in our boutique are

Macaron Trinket Boxes

These are hot items! Whether it be your small jewelry pieces, ibuprofen tablets or hairpins (we're sure you can come up ways to make good use of it), these sweet macaron trinket boxes come in assorted pastel colors and will keep your little things contained. 

Vintage-Inspired Crystal Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklaces

The top of the crystal pendant unscrews and a small amount of perfume or essential oil can be poured in. Each gold-plated copper chain necklace comes with a petite gold organza gift pouch, complete with instructions & a funnel for filling. They are available in 4 stunning colors: black, champagne, grey & turquoise. 

Key Keypers

Never lose your keys again! Whimsical and super practical - these are locally made in Valley Center. They are fun accents to handbags and ensure that the keys stay put instead of getting lost in the void. 

Read on for our top recommendations for celebrating the moms in your life in La Jolla, CA (for those that aren't lucky enough to be in St. Martin, FWI for Mother's Day!).

1. A Tijon gift card for a fragrance creation experience with your mom.

2. A bottle of custom fragrance that your mother will enjoy (which can also be made into a custom-scented body lotion or body créme). Don't have time for a full class session? Be sure to stop by our lab for a 20-minute Fragrance in a Flash. Our fragrance specialists will be able to create two recipes based on whatever you have in mind and bottle the one you like best for you to give to your mom! We also have an array of beautiful perfume bottles to make the fragrance even more spectacular.

3. Brunch, Lunch or Dinner at any of our favorite La Jolla Village restaurants, namely The Med & Café la Rue at the dreamy La Valencia Hotel (just a stone's throw away from our boutique!), NINE-TEN Restaurant at the gorgeous Grande Colonial Hotel, RoppongiHerringbone, Catania, George's at the CoveWhisknladle, PuestoCoffee Cup, Sugar & Scribe, Mary's English KitchenPiazza 1909, El Pescador Fish Market, just to name a few! ... 

4. Gorgeous flowers from our favorite florist, Bloomers of La Jolla.

5. Walk along La Jolla Cove, exploring the tidal pools during low tide or just observe the fun seals and other marine wildlife at the Children's Pool. Sunset is especially incredible here!

6. Afterwards, indulge in a piccolo cup of incredibly decadent gelato from Bobboi Natural Gelato, right on Girard Avenue & Prospect Street. Bobboi sources their ingredients from local farms so their flavors rotate daily. Have your gelato affogato (which means 'drowned' in a shot of espresso). Simply amazing!

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Fragrance of the Year Re-Cap!

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Info info

It's been a busy start to the year, and a re-cap of our first annual Fragrance of the Year party is long overdue!

Our Académie de Parfum members were all encouraged to submit their fragrance for this friendly annual contest in which the winning fragrance was to be chosen by John Bergland, Tijon's founder and nose, in St. Martin. The winner was announced at our Fragrance of the Year party, which was hosted in our lab on the afternoon of Sunday, February 15, 2015.

The three finalists were: Kierkegaard's Couch, Levant and Moroccan Blue.

Kierkegaard’s Couch is a bold fragrance that has a soft and sensual dry down. It has warm base notes of vanilla and black amber musk, and middle notes of leather, tobacco and neroli. It’s incredibly romantic.
Levant is an elegant fragrance with primary notes of rose, frankincense and myrrh, and with subtle hints of leathery musk. To round out the fragrance, there are spicy and herbaceous notes, which are softened by honey, chamomile and amber.
Moroccan Blue is a subtle, gourmand fragrance that has fruity notes with depths of coffee, tobacco, vanilla, amber, and spicy hints of ginger and thyme.

The staff at Tijon La Jolla hosted a fun-filled soirée with the help of Nine10 Photobooth, PURE Cupcakes (based in nearby Pacific Beach and the 2013 winner of Cupcake Wars), and Bloomers Flowers of La Jolla. Good friends of Tijon attended, including Robin De Ryckere, the owner of About Town Magazine, and Cindy Matalucci, the producer of The Pulse SD. In addition to PURE Cupcakes’ miniature cupcakes, a variety of other sweets were served. Chilled flutes of champagne were poured neat or with Chambord and bobbing fresh raspberries.

Here’s what John Berglund had to say about the winning fragrance:

As Tijon’s nose, I had the opportunity to judge many qualifying fragrances, all of which offered varying degrees of complexity and beauty. Ms. Hall’s fragrance, however, stood out as uniquely adventurous: while it appeals to men, it could easily be worn by the outdoor-minded woman. 

In creating her winning fragrance, Ms. Hall chose oils that are singularly attractive but blend harmoniously, creating a beautiful non-traditional orchestration. The scent conveys a quiet “lived -in” elegance highlighted with its note of leather. Sufficient base notes are incorporated, allowing the scent to lovingly linger on the body.

Naming the fragrance after S øren Kierkegaard added to the spirituality of the scent. As I write this letter of congratulations, know that I am enjoying this well-crafted fragrance. As a matter of fact, a bottle of Kierkegaard’s Couch is within reach now!

As the winner of the Fragrance of the Year contest, Kierkegaard’s Couch is now available for purchase in our La Jolla boutique (and Ms. Hall will be receiving 50% of the fragrance’s sales). Her story will be featured in the 2015 Spring/Summer issue of About Town Magazine.

Stay tuned!

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How to Make Perfume Last

Posted on July 13, 2014 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

Whether you’re preparing for a hot date or heading off to a long day at the office, you want your perfume to last. As a Tijon Perfume Expert, I am here to advise you. In the art of keeping things simple, I will break it down into 4 easy steps:   

1)   Moisturize your skin

2)   Apply your perfume to pulse points

3)   Don’t rub in your perfume

4)   Store your perfume correctly

Moisturizing Your Skin

While having naturally oily skin isn’t always something to brag about, when it comes to wearing perfume, brag away! A scent will actually last much longer on oily skin. For those of you with dry skin (fun fact: blondes have naturally dryer skin), then be sure to moisturize your skin before applying your perfume. First, find out if your perfume comes in a lotion form. If it does not, you can apply any unscented moisturizer to damp skin wherever you plan to apply your perfume (keep reading to find out WHERE to apply your perfume).

Apply Your Perfume to Pulse Points

See, I told you just had to keep reading. You have probably seen people applying perfume to their neck or their wrists, but why? These two places are common pulse points (any place on your body that you can feel your heart rate). Since heat works to activate perfume, the warmth of the blood in these areas activates your scent. Your pulse points are located:

  • Behind your ear
  • Base of your throat
  • Inside of your wrist
  • Inside of your elbow
  • Behind your knee 

    Do NOT Rub Your Perfume

    Spritz, spritz, rub, rub; that’s how you apply perfume, right? Wrong. Many people feel the need to rub in their perfume in order to warm the skin or spread the scent. This, however, breaks down the perfume molecules releasing them into thin air. If you want your perfume to last, do not rub it. If you feel the need to do something, try waving your body part with the applied perfume around for a few seconds, this should do the trick.

    Storing Your Perfume

    Just as heat works to activate your perfume on your skin, it will activate your perfume in its bottle, causing it to be less fragrant. As a result, you should not store your perfume in heat, humidity, or direct sunlight (yes, this includes your bathroom…showers and baths create a great deal of humidity). Find a cool place, away from direct sunlight, to store your perfume.

    To learn more fun facts about perfume, come in to Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique located at 7853 Herschel Ave. La Jolla, CA 92037 and spend some time with our Tijon Scent Specialists.  You can also find us online at www.tijon.com and if you have any questions, call us at (619) 821-8219 or email us at info@tijon.com.



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