How to Make Perfume Last

Posted on July 13, 2014 by Cyndi Berglund

Whether you’re preparing for a hot date or heading off to a long day at the office, you want your perfume to last. As a Tijon Perfume Expert, I am here to advise you. In the art of keeping things simple, I will break it down into 4 easy steps:   

1)   Moisturize your skin

2)   Apply your perfume to pulse points

3)   Don’t rub in your perfume

4)   Store your perfume correctly

Moisturizing Your Skin

While having naturally oily skin isn’t always something to brag about, when it comes to wearing perfume, brag away! A scent will actually last much longer on oily skin. For those of you with dry skin (fun fact: blondes have naturally dryer skin), then be sure to moisturize your skin before applying your perfume. First, find out if your perfume comes in a lotion form. If it does not, you can apply any unscented moisturizer to damp skin wherever you plan to apply your perfume (keep reading to find out WHERE to apply your perfume).

Apply Your Perfume to Pulse Points

See, I told you just had to keep reading. You have probably seen people applying perfume to their neck or their wrists, but why? These two places are common pulse points (any place on your body that you can feel your heart rate). Since heat works to activate perfume, the warmth of the blood in these areas activates your scent. Your pulse points are located:

  • Behind your ear
  • Base of your throat
  • Inside of your wrist
  • Inside of your elbow
  • Behind your knee 

    Do NOT Rub Your Perfume

    Spritz, spritz, rub, rub; that’s how you apply perfume, right? Wrong. Many people feel the need to rub in their perfume in order to warm the skin or spread the scent. This, however, breaks down the perfume molecules releasing them into thin air. If you want your perfume to last, do not rub it. If you feel the need to do something, try waving your body part with the applied perfume around for a few seconds, this should do the trick.

    Storing Your Perfume

    Just as heat works to activate your perfume on your skin, it will activate your perfume in its bottle, causing it to be less fragrant. As a result, you should not store your perfume in heat, humidity, or direct sunlight (yes, this includes your bathroom…showers and baths create a great deal of humidity). Find a cool place, away from direct sunlight, to store your perfume.

    To learn more fun facts about perfume, come in to Tijon Parfumerie & Boutique located in Grand Case, St. Martin  and spend some time with our Tijon Scent Specialists.  You can also find us online at www.tijon.com and if you have any questions.


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    Redbook Magazine’s 25 All-American Dates

    Posted on May 17, 2013 by Rachelle Crumrine

    Whether you’re in San Diego celebrating an anniversary vacation or just enjoying a weekend getaway with your significant other, skip the traditional dinner in favor of an exciting new date experience. Redbook Magazine recently released its list of “25 Great, All-American Dates,” showcasing what its editors believe to be the best places for couples to spend quality time together.  Among the countrywide list is La Jolla’s very own parfumerie, Tijon. Sipping champagne while creating customized scents for one another was just one of the innovative date-ideas. Here are a few of our other favorites that we’ve taken a local spin on:


    ·      Visit an unconventional movie theater for the latest flick - Cruise up to Del Mar for a one of a kind “dinner and a movie” experience at Cinepolis, where you dine while you watch.

    ·      Check out the animals at the local zoo – Feeling adventurous? Stop by the San Diego Zoo and check out the new “Outback“ exhibit, coming this spring.

    ·      Get some fresh air, have a picnic outdoors - Want to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather instead? Head to La Jolla cove with a blanket and a bottle of wine and enjoy a sunset picnic.

    ·      Take a cooking class - If you’re looking for something more interactive, head over to HipCooks in Downtown San Diego, RedBook’s top choice for cooking classes on the west coast.


    With so many fun options for all price ranges, there’s no reason to settle for a boring date again! Click here to schedule a class at Tijon. Read Redbook’s full article here.

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    Spoil Mom this Mother’s Day

    Posted on May 03, 2013 by Rachel Sanches

    How do you say “thanks” to the woman in your life that has given so very much to you over the years? Not an easy feat – we know. Luckily for you, there are also unique and personalized gifts and options to ensure that the mom in your life has a Mother’s Day she won’t forget. 


    Here are some unique ideas to clue you in on which route to take on the gift-giving front:

    For the woman who appreciates smelling her best:Tijon, a St. Martin and San Diego perfume boutique, is providing a number of beautiful gift options to make your mom feel pampered.  For a one-of-a-kind gift, Tijon suggests adding a fun element to a bouquet of your mom’s favorite flowers with a sample of a new fragrance.

    If you are feeling extra crafty and are in the area of St. Martin or San Diego, personalize your Mother’s Day gift even more! Stop by Tijon Parfumerie to create the scent that compliments your mom best, with its Mix & Match workshops.  Or book an experience with mom so she can create her very own custom fragrance. You can pair Tijon perfumes with your own compilation of flowers or even a hand-made card. 


    For the wine-loving woman: Create a custom blend that’s as unique as her, all at the touch of your fingers. OC Custom Wine lets you choose from four California wines for your custom mix. Feeling less adventurous? Personal Wine lets you personalize the label once you select your favorite from hundreds of award-winning wines from around the world.


    For the artsy, eclectic woman: Snap a shot of your profile and order her a custom cameo necklace on Etsy. Turn your silhouette into a simple yet stylish work of art that will hang around her neck for years to come.


    For the keepsake-kind: Nothing holds dearer to the heart than a photograph of a special moment you wish could last forever. Grab your camera, your favorite outfits and your best grins to the shores for a family photo shoot. Check out some local photographers on Yelp, or some cool poses on Pinterest. You’re sure to snag a few keepers!

    Don’t wait too long! Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  To get some more aromatic inspiration, visit Tijon online (
    www.tijon.com) or stop by our boutique in La Jolla or St. Martin. Happy Mother’s Day!   

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