Summer Lavender Love

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Info info

Summertime and the livin' is easy ...

'Tis the season that lavender is in full bloom. This lovely botanical is known for its purported soothing properties: antidepressant (specifically for anxiety or restlessness), anti-inflammatory (topical use for insect bites or burns) and for insomnia.

If you are jet-setting this summer and are prone to having either travel anxiety, accruing insect bites or not sleeping well - have no fear! Tijon offers a perfect lavender and travel essential: Scentings Lavender Luxury Bead Locket Gift Set

Extremely versatile, the contents of this gift set are ideal for both the lavender-lover and for the jet-setter. Complete with two fragrant lavender sachets, a silver cast Arabesque scent bead pendant necklace (with 24" sterling silver chain), a lavender essential oil bead dropper bottle, in addition to a lavender essential oil roll-on bottle. 

Ensure that you will have tranquility in even the most unlikely of places (hotel room, airport, rental car, customs line ... you name it!)!

Available for purchase online and at our La Jolla boutique location. 

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