Essential Oil of the Week: Arborvitae

Posted on September 24, 2014 by Emily Villanueva

Arborvitae essential oil is steam distilled from the needles and twigs of the Thuja plant, which originated in Canada. "The hardy evergreen has dense, scale-like foliage, waxy to the touch, and fragrant. The leaves are in flattened sprays, small and overlapping with bell-shaped cones" (Soapgoods). The essential oil itself is mostly colorless, with a medium consistency and a strong, herbaceous, forest aroma that would be categorized as a top note in perfumery. Its smell can be quite overpowering, actually, which is why it blends well with other sweet woody scents like cedarwood, sweet birch, cajeput, cassia, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.



Native Americans saw the thuja tree as the "Tree of Life" and believed that it warded off lightning. Arborvitae oil has long been used as a natural insect repellant and helps soothe psoriasis and poison ivy. It is touted for its anti-rheumatic, anti-infectious, and anti-allergenic properties, and also serves as a stimulant, astringent, and antibacterial. Pregnant women are advised to avoid it however, as it is rich in thujone (a neurotoxin substance) and is officially listed as an abortifacient (a drug causing abortion).


If you have any questions regarding Arborvitae or would like to test its various uses and benefits for yourself, stop by Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique located at 7853 Herschel Ave. La Jolla CA 92037.  Also, feel free to call us at 619.821.8219 or shoot us an email at info@tijon.com.



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