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Posted on August 22, 2014 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

While I have spent the greater part of my life living and reveling in the beauty of La Jolla, after 23 years I am still discovering new places and partaking in new adventures, each one better than the last! Whether it’s a local deli, a secret surf spot, or live music with a beautiful view, La Jolla offers a unique experience for its locals and visitors alike. I write this article today upon discovering the newest, not-so-secret gem I stumbled upon last night on a casual afternoon bike ride: BarleyandFig. I would love to take the credit and say I discovered a locals-only Gem in La Jolla, but turns out I am late to the table on this delightful Greek restaurant.

The menu boasts Greek classics such as tzatziki to start, chicken souvlaki and mousakka as your main course, and bougatsa for a fluffy dessert that quenches the sweetest of sweet tooths. In my general indecisive manner, I ordered all of the above after failing to narrow it down. Don’t you worry, not a single bite went to waste. I think we even surprised the waiter who was preparing to grab our to-go box one minute and clearing our empty plates (licked clean) the next. One does not simply waste mousakka. You may need to take a mid-meal break and enjoy some Fantinel Pinot Grigio, which paired perfectly with the rich flavors of our entrees. I am not claiming to be a foodie, but I do know when I find a unique spot with a unique flavor, and BarleyanFigs delivers on all levels.

I know I mentioned several dishes with Greek names containing far too many consonants, don’t worry; I will now take the time to explain each in grave detail. Chicken souvlaki is a kebab of perfectly flavored chicken matched with rosemary potatoes, tzatziki and pita bread. You take it from there, combining the plate’s contents however your heart desires. The chicken melts in your mouth and the lightly toasted pita bread and tzatziki allow you to form the perfect not-so-little pita pocket. Now the mousakka, where to begin on the mousakka? Let’s keep it simple, it’s an eggplanty, beefy, cheesy delight baked to a perfect golden brown and combining everything you’d desire in a single dish. Once we licked our plates clean (I wish I was exaggerating), we ordered what immediately became a member of my “top 5 desserts” list (a list I have spent years constructing and take very seriously). While I attempted to explain the main courses, the bougatsa left me speechless. You will just have to go and try it for yourself. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

After finishing up our dessert, we hopped back on our bikes, full and happy.

I could not have discovered Barleyanfigs at a greater time.  Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique is implementing Tijon After Hours in which we will be matching a fragrance creation experience with great wine, delicious food, and local musicians.  Stay tuned for more information regarding our Tijon After Hours events because Barleyanfigs just topped the list for our first food pairing event!  If you have any questions regarding Tijon After Hours or Fragrance Creation Experiences, feel free to call us at 619.821.8219 or e-mail us at info@tijon.com.

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