Scents of Summer

Posted on July 09, 2014 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

Scents that Summer Loves

Everyone knows summer is a time for bikinis, flip-flops, and summer dresses. However, there is one crucial summer-must that many people forget: that perfect summer scent. As literary author C. Joybell C. so wisely stated, “you are never fully dressed without perfume.” So, throw on your bikinis and flip-flops but don’t forget that crucial final step in finding that perfect summer scent (and no, I am not talking about the smell of sunscreen, chlorine, and ocean!).  The best summer scents are fresh and natural, giving you many options. There is the classic citrus or fruity scent, which are my personal favorites. Or, you can go in another direction and choose a woody scent (remember: woody doesn’t mean masculine, it just carries a no-nonsense femininity). If you are a floral-lover, light florals are also welcomed, just make sure they are not too heavy.

Scents to Pack Away with Your Winter Coats

Just as you wouldn’t wear a parka in the dead of summer, there are certain scents that should be avoided as summer ramps up. Heat increases the impact of odor meaning you want to avoid notes that could become headache inducing when intensified by the heat. These headache inducing notes include: cloying orientals, heavy floral blends, patchouli, and vanilla. A good rule of thumb is stay away from anything super sweet, syrupy, or sugary. So pack away your Euphoria by Calvin Klein with your winter clothes and take out your Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs (you can never really go wrong with a Marc Jacob’s Perfume)!

Make Your Scent last in the Heat of Summer

As I mentioned, heat intensifies odor; it also makes wearing perfume a fleeting experience. The increased body heat causes the alcohol in the perfume to evaporate more quickly, which means you need to remember to reapply. Be mindful of reapplication, as you never want your perfume to enter the room before you do. A helpful hint in making your perfume last is: layer, layer, layer! Putting on a layer of lotion or sunscreen before you apply your perfume moistens your skin, making the scent last longer (make sure the lotion/sunscreen is unscented).

Noteworthy Summer Scents

  • Laugh Often Avon by Reese Witherspoon
  • Burberry Summer Perfume by Burberry
  • Hermés Un Jardin sur le Toit
  • Cranberry Splash by Marc Jacobs
  • One Summer by Calvin Klein
  • La Jolla by Tijon

    To experience our new summer scent, La Jolla by Tijon, visit us at our local La Jolla Location Tijon 7853 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla CA 92037, call a scent-specialist at (619) 821-8219, or order online at www.tijon.com.

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