Tijon’s First Slumber Party

Posted on July 04, 2014 by Tijon Fragrance Lab

Tijon a Go-Go Does it Again

Like any girl who is preparing for her first slumber party, the Tijon Perfume Team was filled with anticipation before the 3rd Annual Laura’s Slumber Party hosted by KyXy 96.5.  Tijon a-go-go, our newest addition to the Tijon experience, allows us to take our fragrance lab on the road.  At the Tijon Perfume booth, the excitement continued throughout the night and we never had a dull moment.  My achy feet are proof! Women were creating their custom scents until they were practically hauled out of the venue; and that’s exactly what we like to see.

We Didn’t Stand Alone

I wish I could say Tijon was the only great booth (as we were constantly reminded by the booth-goers how “awesome” our booth was).  However, all of the sponsors did an amazing job making the event that much more enjoyable for the Tijon Team and the many event participants.  My personal favorites were:

BadKitty Photography:  I loved this booth, as it offered a very unique experience.  All women deserve to feel sexy, and at BadKitty Photography they provide everything necessary to take amazing photos (including hair and make up!).

Fun Pole Fitness: Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like; pole dancing as a form of exercise.  Sure beats going for a run.  I watched women of all ages hop on that pole and show us their moves.

Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique: And of course, the Tijon booth was not to be missed. The Tijon booth allowed the women to create their own custom fragrance right then and there.  I am happy to say everybody created a "wearable" scent and they all seemed very happy with their creations.

As you can see, the night had a very specific theme.  It was all about allowing women to be carefree.  Cyndi Lauper said it best, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, and these women were doing just that.  Without the pressure of having to impress men, the party-goers were dancing, making perfume, participating in photo-shoots, and enjoying each others company like I’ve never seen before.

The Best Questions Asked

Tijon offers a unique experience and people don’t always know what to expect.  As a result, we always get a slew of very entertaining questions.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

“Has anyone ever created a scent that was just so terrible you couldn’t stand it?”

“Tobacco…why on earth do you have Tobacco?! (Smells the scent) Oh, that’s not so bad”

And the most common phrase I heard throughout the evening was “I don’t think I’ll be very good at this…”  Well, that’s the beauty!  Everyone can be a perfumer.  Just trust your nose and use your creativity and you will surprise yourself.

Special thanks to host Laura Cain and KyXy 96.5!

For more info about Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique, call a scent-specialist at (619) 821-8219, e-mail us at info@tijon.com, visit us online at www.tijon.com or at our local La Jolla Location Tijon 7853 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla CA 92037.

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