9 Phineas and Ferb Party Ideas

Posted on June 23, 2014 by Tijon Employee
The creativity of Phineas and Ferb is something that will drive every kid wild. When it comes to creating crazy things at home, Phineas and Ferb know how to transform a backyard into a wild adventure wonderland. When a kid is a fan of the show, they will surely love a party that brings together all of the creativeness and fun.

There are numerous Phineas and Ferb party ideas to choose from, but we have already done the hard work for you. Let’s see what great ideas you can put into your child’s birthday party.

The Location
As they say, location is everything. When it comes to Phineas and Ferb, location becomes even more important. This is not a party that can go on inside of a home and surely is not something you can put together at the last minute. There are only two options when it comes to your party.

The show takes place in the backyard and your party should follow the same setting. Even a smaller backyard will suffice in this case. If you have a treehouse or know someone that can build one quickly, this will definitely be the best choice.

If you do not have a big backyard, you can choose to go to a local park. Oftentimes, there are smaller parks that are not frequented often that will work perfectly for a party.

If neither of these options are accessible, you can also ask a friend or family member if you can use their backyard.


The decorations you choose will make or break the party. While you may be crafty, there is also the possibility of heading over to your local party supply store and buying decorations. A few ideas that go along with this portion of your party should be:

Balloons: Many stores will have balloons featuring the duo. Grouping balloons into sets is a great idea, but you will need something to hold them down accordingly. If balloons are being put near a table, you can tie them to chairs so that they stay put. If you want balloons to be in your yard, tie them to a tree. Weighted objects that would be used indoors may not work great due to the outside wind. Always choose large objects as weights when including balloons outdoors.
Streamers and Banners: Streamers and banners can be included and will add to the ambiance of the party. Banners should be hung near the entrance to the party or where guests will be sitting down to eat.

You can also print out the duos pictures and add them to the walls of the home or other outdoor items. If your local party store has them, you should buy dinnerware that has Phineas and Ferb on them. This is an easy way to add a little extra to your party and you would likely be buying dinnerware anyway.

The food you choose is completely up to the taste of the guests. Obviously, if your child does not like any of the foods mentioned, you can easily swap them out for something else. A few of the best foods to include are:

Pizza: The universal love for pizza makes it a great choice for any party. Whether you choose plain or pepperoni, there are a slew of pizza choices that will be sure to keep guests full at all times.
BBQ: Since the party is taking place outside, you can choose to have a BBQ. Include all of the fan favorites, such as hamburgers and hotdogs. You can also include salads, pasta salad and potato salad if you like.
Sandwiches: Allow your guests to make their very own sandwiches. Purchase a variety of meats and simply place them on a platter with condiments, plates, buns and everything else.

These are just the main entrees, but you can also include snacks, such as pretzels and potato chips if you like. A birthday cake featuring Phineas and Ferb is an obvious choice as well as cupcakes which can easily be made to look like either character.

The guests at your party will need something to keep them occupied. Being young, the best options are the following:

Toys featuring the characters.
Hit the piñata.
Play the television episodes for the group to watch.
Outdoor activities, such as swimming.

If the weather permits and you want to do something a little more fun, you can have a scavenger hunt that the guests can participate in. These hunts can be find Perry or simply find any character in the show.

Races and competitions are also great as well as any sport activities. Kids just want to have fun and not everything has to involve Phineas and Ferb.

When in doubt, ask your child what they would like to include and you will be surprised by the responses they give.
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