17 Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

Posted on June 16, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Abby Cadabby is a hit character on Sesame Street and has taken kids around the world by storm. In fact, if you ask any child what their favorite character is, they will likely say Abby Cadabby. This enigmatic character is fun, colorful and the perfect choice for a party.
With beautiful pink wings and cute pink feet, Abby is a girl’s delight. For her next birthday, an Abby-themed party will be the talk of the town. Below we list a complete set of items you will need for all of your Abby Cadabby party ideas.

Invitations Matter
Before delving into the supplies and planning portion of your party, you need to create invitations that kids and parents alike will love. This is a simple task and there is no wrong or right way to create invitations. We choose to do the following, but feel free to add your own touch of creativeness as well:

Sesame Street cards can be purchased and should be used as the main invitations. Cards featuring Abby specifically are the best choice and can be purchased at any major supply store or online.
The envelope of the card can be adorned with stickers, or you can use your home printer to create a personalized envelope for the occasion.
Inside of the card, you will want to add a catchy phrase and ensure that you mention your party revolves around Abby Cadabby. A cute message that states Abby Cadabby invites you to join the party is all that is needed.
Inside the card, you can add in a wand or you can leave a pack of stickers for the recipient.
Upon sealing the card, you will want to use a sticker of Abby to further secure the card’s seal.
Using cursive, write the person’s name in fancy lettering on the front.
Using glitter and clear glue, make your invitations sparkle. Simply rub clear glue on the front and place sparkles on top. This can get messy, so always do this on a kitchen table.

Now that the invitations are complete, you will want to move on to the more intricate details on the party.

Entertainment Ideas
The entertainment for the party will truly depend on the age of the child. A one or two year old will need much less entertainment than that of a 3 – 5 year old. Some of the best ideas are:

Sesame Street Series: Obviously, any Sesame Street episode featuring Abby Cadabby will be needed. It really doesn’t matter which episode(s) are included, but this is a must. 
Magic Tricks: Do you know any magic tricks or perhaps know someone that does? Abby is a magical character and adding in a few magic tricks will certainly have everyone entertained.
Costume Abby: If you have someone willing to dress up in a costume, you can have Abby herself join the party. This should only be for a brief moment, but it is a great way to get the imagination of the attendees going.
Pinata: If the attendees are old enough, a Pinata filled with Abby-related items or candy will be the center of attention.

Décor Ideas
What would Abby Cadabby choose for decorations? No one knows for sure, but we do know what Abby likes and what she would probably include in her own party. A few decorative Abby Cadabby party ideas include:

Balloons: Who doesn’t like balloons? An assortment of balloons featuring Abby or various Sesame Street characters should be in every corner of the room. These will need to be weighed down and what better choice than a wand featuring Abby?
Banner: Abby would not settle for anything less than magical. A banner featuring Abby should be present and welcome guests into the party room. The saying is up to you, but make sure that it is magical.
Confetti and Glitter: Nothing says magic like confetti and glitter. These two choices can fill balloons in the case of confetti and be popped during the party or glitter can be present with cutout butterflies that adorn the walls.

The dinnerware chosen should also feature Sesame Street. Party supply stores have Abby-themed plates and cups that will go perfect with your party.

The food choice is truly up to you, but if your child likes and is allowed to eat sweets and candy, the choices will be limitless. A few ideas are:

Pixie Stick Wands: Filled with colored sugar, these wands are tasty and will fit into the magical atmosphere you create.
Magical Drinks: Fruit juices, such as grape juice, can be introduced as magical potions that turn the drinker into Abby or another character.
Cake or cupcakes: A birthday cake or cupcakes can be made to include Abby. If your local bakery does not offer this, you can simply add sprinkles and a wand cake topper.
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