Pinkalicious Party Ideas

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A Pinkalicious party is perfect for any young girl. Not only is this a fun theme, but it’s also easy to put together. With just a few simple decorations, the right food and some fun activities, you can plan an unforgettable party. Use the Pinkalicious party ideas below to help you get started.

Invitation Ideas
Invitations are the first thing to consider when planning a Pinkalicious party. Naturally, you want to choose invites that match the theme. You can purchase Pinkalicious invitations in any party supply store or online. You also have the option of making your own. Use white paper to create cupcake-shaped invitations, and fill in the party details with a pink marker.

Decoration Ideas
Decorating for a Pinkalicious party is surprisingly simple. Pink and white will naturally be your theme’s colors.

The simplest way to decorate is to hang pink and white balloons and streamers around the room and from the ceiling. When setting up the tables, tie pretty pink ribbons around each chair. Add white chair covers for a more sophisticated look. For table linens, place a simple white tablecloth on each table. Place pink tulle over each tablecloth and sprinkle plenty of glitter on top. 

Set each table with pink plates and place pretty white doilies on top of each place setting. If you are setting up a food/drink bar, place a pink tablecloth on the table and decorate with pink and white accents. Flowers and ribbons also make great decorations.

The goal here is to choose decorations that are feminine and use the pink and white theme colors. Paper flowers, streamers, birthday signs, table cloths and any other detail should match the theme of the party. Whenever possible, purchase decoration items that include the Pinkalicious character. From invitations to party posters, kids want to see Pinkalicious at the party.

Food Ideas
Food is an important part of any party, and a Pinkalicious party is no different. Although it can be difficult to stick to the pink theme when choosing food and drink items, there are a few crowd pleasers that you can offer.

Bagels with strawberry cream cheese
Watermelon slices
Red berry flavored yogurt
Hardboiled deviled eggs that are dyed pink
Pink Jello cups
Use pink lemonade or cranberry juice to make pink ice pops
Salmon appetizers
Pink candies
Rice Krispy Treats with pink frosting
Pink cupcakes
Pink lemonade pie
Strawberry cake pops
Pink party popcorn
Strawberry chocolate covered pretzels
Pink lemonade
Fruit juice

As for the cake, a giant cupcake cake is an excellent idea. Make sure that the cupcake is pink and a cherry is placed on top. You can also offer individual strawberry cupcakes or cookies to party guests. Strawberry or cherry flavored frosting will work best with the theme. The cake itself can be chocolate or vanilla, whichever the birthday girl prefers. 

Party Activities
Unlike adults, kids don’t attend parties for the food. They are more concerned about having fun. Planning activities for your party is essential. Here are some Pinkalicious-themed ideas for your party adventures:

Have each child create pink photo frames. They can decorate their frames with cute accents purchased from a craft store.
Have the kids create their own princess crowns complete with pink feathers.
Play the “I spy…” game, but each player has to spy something pink.
Have the girls make bracelets with pink beads and letter beads. Each girl can spell out her name and add a cute cupcake charm to her bracelet.
Decorate pink cupcakes with strawberry frosting and candies.
Hang a pink flamingo piñata and let the kids take turns to try and break it open.
Host a Pinkalicious tea party complete with tiny teacups and strawberry flavored tea.
Have the girls make their own tutus. Fabric and basic supplies can be purchased from any craft store. 

Favor Ideas
With the Pinkalicious party theme, you have plenty of cute party favor options. Some favor ideas include:

Princess wands complete with a star on top and pink ribbons.
Bags of pink jelly beans and candy.
A princess tiara.
A loot bag filled with princess essentials.
Pink lip gloss.
Pink play dough.
Pinkalicious bottle cap necklaces.
Ballerina tutu.
Pink fairy wings.
Potted pink flowers.
Pinkalicious bubbles.

Planning a Pinkalicious birthday party can be fun, especially if you get the birthday girl involved. Ask for her input when planning the party, and she will appreciate the party more. Have her decide what kind of cake you have and what kind of decorations to hang. She will love being a part of the process, and it will make things less stressful for you.
Supplies for any of the ideas listed here can be purchased at a local craft supply store or online. There are several suppliers that also sell Pinkalicious themed party decorations and supplies for reasonable prices.
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