8 Good 70th Birthday Cake Ideas

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Tijon Employee
If you’re planning a 70th birthday party, you’ll need some great cake ideas to help make the celebration complete. Turning 70 is a special occasion and deserves an extravagant cake. From flowers to fish and golf bags, cakes of all shapes, sizes and themes can be made by cake artists today. Listed below are some good 70th birthday cake ideas to help you find the perfect cake for the occasion.
Golf Bag Cake
A golf bag cake is the perfect choice for the avid golfer. The standing bag can be made to look just like brown leather. Silver golf clubs can be included as well. For extra added detail, a small white “towel” can be hung on the side of the bag with a big “70” imprinted on the front. This beautifully designed cake is so lifelike that party guests will have a hard time cutting into it.

Patchwork Quilt Cake 
For the birthday boy or gal who loves sewing or quilting, a patchwork quilt cake is a thoughtful choice. The top of the cake can be made to resemble a quilt with several patches. Patches can have fun designs, or they can have meaningful messages on them. One of the patches should have a “70” stitched into it. Sewing accessories can also be made out of fondant or other edible materials. This includes spools of thread, a pin cushion, buttons, scissors and sewing needles.

Fisherman Cake
For the man – or woman – who would rather be fishing, a fisherman themed cake is perfect. The cake itself can be made in the shape of fish complete with edible fins. Present the fish cake on a platter just as you would a real fish. Along the bottom, add a birthday message, the person’s name and the number 70. Edible accessories can be added to the platter as well, such as a freshly sliced lemon, tackle or bait. This is a cake that any avid fisherman will appreciate.

Teapot Cake
Garden themed parties are always a beautiful choice for a person’s 70th birthday, and a teapot cake fits perfectly into that theme. This is a delicate and feminine cake, so it’s not an appropriate choice for men who are turning 70. This three tiered cake features two tiers of ornate designs with floral accents. The top layer of the cake is shaped like a teapot, complete with a handle, spout and lid. The number 70 can be placed on the side of the teapot or the person’s name.
Vegetable Gardener Cake
Vegetable gardening is a popular hobby for retired men and women. If the birthday guy or gal spends a lot of time in the garden, a vegetable garden basket cake is a great idea. The cake can be sculpted to look like a basket filled with edible gumpaste vegetables. Choose colorful vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant and corn to really make the cake pop. Add some flowers along the base of the cake. On the side of the “basket,” a small sign can be placed with the person’s name and a birthday message.

Suitcase Cake
Does the birthday guy or gal love traveling? If so, a suitcase cake is a neat idea. The exterior of the cake can be made to look just like a brown leather suitcase. Details like raised corners, buckles and a handle can also be added. On the top of the suitcase, you can include little travel-themed patches of the places the person has visited or will be visiting in the future. To complete the cake, include a small luggage tag with the person’s name and the number 70.

Couch Potato Cake
Now that the birthday guy or gal is turning 70, they’re probably spending quite a bit of time relaxing and enjoying their retirement. A couch potato cake is a fun way to celebrate the joys of retirement and all of the free time the birthday person now has. Atop a simple square cake, include a couch and model figure of the birthday person. Other fondant accessories can also be included, like a deck of cards, a pool cue, a tiny golf bag and anything else that illustrates the person’s hobbies.
Floral or Teddy Bear Cake
Floral and teddy bear themed cakes are thoughtful choices. Floral cakes can be as extravagant or as elegant as you would like. Some prefer a few simple fondant flowers on top of the cake, while others add floral accents on the top and along the sides of the cake. Choose colors and flower types that the birthday girl likes.

Cakes with fondant teddy bears are also a popular choice for 70th birthdays. The bear may be holding a balloon with the number 70 on it, or they may be holding a flower. This is a great cake idea for any birthday guy or gal that’s still a kid at heart.
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