Minnie Mouse Party Favor Ideas

Posted on June 02, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Party favors are given to guests that attend a party as a way to thank them for attending. When a Minnie Mouse party takes place, there are a variety of Minnie Mouse party favor ideas to choose from. Depending on the person’s age, you can choose items meant for little kids or even those that are in elementary school.

A few great party favor ideas that every guest will appreciate are listed below.

Minnie Mouse Kits
Did you know that kits can easily be made and given away as party favors? These kits are essentially a pack of goodies that relates to the basic Minnie Mouse theme. While you can go to a party store and buy individual kits, you will like spend $3 - $6 per premade kit. If there are a slew of friends invited, this can become very costly.

Instead, let’s see how you can make your very own kit. 

Container: You will need a container to place all of the goodies. This can be a popcorn tub that has Minnie on the front or a Minnie bag. Thankfully, these can be found at any party store and they are sold for very cheap.
Stickers: An inexpensive addition to your container should be stickers. You can add as many stickers as you see fit to your party favor. Usually, one packet is more than enough and will give guests something that they can use right away.
Toys: Little toys, necklaces or anything else you can think of can be added to your party favor. These items will be under $1 and can really bring a smile to a guest’s face.

Your party favor kit can include anything that you like. Since no one will be expecting a favor, this will be a great addition to your kid’s birthday party.

Toy Buckets
Toy buckets would be quite boring on their own, but they provide a place where a variety of cute items can be stored. These buckets are inexpensive and each attendee will receive their own bucket, with Minnie on the front of course, that will be filled with delicious treats.

These treats can be:
Chocolates of any type. Hershey Kisses work very well as do Reese’s or any other candies that you like.
Baked goods, such as cookies, can be added to provide a little something to eat on the way home.

You can also add in toys. Ideally, stuffed Minnie Mouse dolls would be chosen as they are an addition that every attendee will be glad to have. You can also choose small figurines or any other little trinkets that you would like to add to the basket.

Depending on the toys chosen, this may be a very expensive option in comparison to the ultra-inexpensive kits that were mentioned earlier. For $8 - $10, you can fill a toy bucket with great Minnie-related items.

If you want something really simple, you can provide Minnie Mouse balloons to each attendee. These can be purchased for very cheap, depending on the type of balloon, and they will not take up a lot of space. This leaves parents happy because they are saving room and allows kids to be happy that they have a cute Minnie Mouse balloon that they can enjoy.

If there are no Minnie balloons present, you can choose polka dot balloons. Pink and white or black and white work best and will be easily recognized as Minnie Mouse themed by kids of all ages.

Minnie Mouse Ears
If a child really loves Minnie Mouse, they will want to dress up like her in any way that they can. Most kids will find that they have clothes, toys and other items of their favorite cartoon character, but they are always missing something: The classic ears to make their outfit complete of course.

These ears can be purchased at party and costume stores. Ears will include the classic pink bow with white polka dots to ensure that the wearer really looks like Minnie.

Party Pictures
For all those that are tech savvy, you can take digital pictures of the event and make them into a party favor. You can do this by taking pictures when everyone comes in and is celebrating. Finally, you will print out these pictures and add them into your party favor. 

While this may not be as good as a toy, it is something that kids and parents will have to enjoy for many years and lasts much longer than candy.

You can also get creative and print out a variety of other items including cards directly from Minnie Mouse herself, stickers or even name tags. The options are limitless with higher end printers and all you will need is the correct paper to be able print out all of your favorite items.

When it comes to Minnie Mouse party favor ideas, there are dozens to choose from and they will all be well received.
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