Fantastic Bubble Guppies Party Ideas

Posted on May 26, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Nick Jr.’s Bubble Guppies show was created especially for preschoolers. With a fun underwater theme, this show is easily one of the most popular with young kids under the age of 5 and makes for a great birthday party theme. Let’s take a look at some fun Bubble Guppies party ideas to help you plan the perfect birthday bash.

The Bubble Guppies gang live in an underwater city, which can make it difficult to choose a theme-appropriate location. While you cannot technically host your party under the sea, you can make your venue look like an underwater town. Possible party locations include:

Your backyard
A local aquarium
An indoor venue
Local park

This type of party theme is ideal for spring and summer, especially if you can choose a location with a pool.

Party Decorations
Choosing the party decorations for your Bubble Guppies party is the fun part of the party planning process. Bubble Guppies is a great theme because the characters all live underwater. This gives you plenty of leeway to get as creative as you want with your decorations.

The first thing you need to focus on is the invitations. Choose invitations that are Bubble Guppies themed. Any party supply shop should carry these. If not, you may need to order your invitations online.
Some party supply stores will sell just about everything you need to make your party a success. A party supplies kit will usually include Bubble Guppies themed:

Paper plates
Paper cups
Table cloths
Plastic silverware
Invitations and Thank You notes
Birthday banner
Pinata blindfold and bat

While these kits include some great basic items, you may still need to do some work to make your party look like an underwater town.
Choose a Color Theme
Choosing a color theme for the party is very important. Blue and green are the two main colors used in the Bubble Guppies logo and TV Series. Purple or orange can also be included as complementary colors.
Purchase Beach/Underwater-Themed Décor
The little details are what really bring a party theme to life. Every facet of the party should include little details that relate to the underwater theme of the Bubble Guppies show.
Food presentation is a great example of how you can add to your party’s theme. Many parents are now placing food and drink “bars” at their kids’ birthday parties. This is a great opportunity to tie in the Bubble Guppies theme. For example, you can place dry snacks, like popcorn or chips, inside of beach pails. Small shovels can be used to scoop out the food. Instead of serving drinks from a glass pitcher, fill beverage dispenser with blue-colored juice and call it “Ocean Water.” There are so many fun ways to play on this party theme, so feel free to be as creative as you want.

To continue with the underwater theme, you can transform kid-friendly foods into something more sea-like. Let’s take a look at some cute food ideas for your Bubble Guppies party.

Colorful Jello Wedges – Cut oranges in half and scoop out the pulp. This creates an “orange cup.” Place your orange cups inside of a muffin tin so that they are sitting upright. Fill each cup with liquid gelatin. Use flavors that cover all six colors of the rainbow: Grape, strawberry, lime, orange, lemon and blueberry. Once the Jello has set, slice each cup into three or four wedges.
Goldfish snacks
Blue and orange rock candy
“Shark Teeth” cheese triangles
Wrapped Sandwiches
Clam cookies – Use two vanilla wafer cookies, frosting and a “pearl” for the center.
“Beach ball” cheese balls

Of course, pizza is always a crowd pleaser. Although it’s not Bubble Guppies themed, it will still win the kids over.
As for the cake, you need to first decide whether or not you want to serve cupcakes or an actual cake. Both can be Bubble Guppies themed, but a large cake will give you more of a chance to be creative. Get in touch with local bakeries to see what they have the offer. They should be able to create a beautiful underwater-themed cake that features all of the Bubble Guppies characters.
Finding ways to keep the kids entertained is an important thing to consider. Some fun party activities include:

Bubbles – Give each kid a bottle of their own Bubble Guppies bubbles to play with.
Underwater photo booth – Set up a special place to take “underwater” photos. Hang a Bubble Guppies background on the wall that features all of the show’s characters. Set up Adirondack chairs in fun colors for the kids to sit in. 
Makeshift ball pit – For a young birthday boy or girl, you can set up a makeshift ball pit using balloons, plastic balls and an inflatable pool. This can be setup outdoors or inside of your home if you have enough space. 
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