30 Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Ideas

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Tijon Employee
If your child is a fan of the hit Jake and the Neverland Pirates show, hosting a party with the show’s theme is a great idea. A pirate-themed party is fun to plan and gives you plenty of creative freedom to plan adventurous activities for the event. But planning the perfect party is not easy task. We’ve compiled a list of some great Jake and the Neverland Pirates party ideas for party locations, decorations, food and entertainment.
With Jake and the Neverland Pirates crew, every day is a new adventure, so finding a great location for your party can really help bring the theme to life. An outdoor location is best as it lets you really decorate the party in true pirate fashion.
Your own backyard can be a great location. Beaches and lakeside parks are also great locations. If you must have the party indoors, try to choose a location that gives you plenty of space for kids to have treasure hunts and play fun games.

Party Decorations
Decorating your Jake and the Neverland Pirates party is the fun part. Pirate-themed decorations can be purchased form any party supply store. In fact, most retailers will sell special décor items with a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme. Here are some other great decoration ideas:

Food and drink bar made from lobster traps or wooden pallets.
Big pirate chest filled with faux gold and jewelry.
A mock pirate ship complete with a pirate flag.
Model sized ships to place on tables as decoration.
A pirate flag centerpiece for the table.
Plastic or inflatable pirate swords.
Small pirate chests to hold dry snacks, like popcorn.
Pirate-themed posters.
Pirate hats and eye patches for party guests to wear.
Treasure map invitations.
Plastic spyglasses.
Pirate flags and streamers.
Pirate plates and napkins.

There are endless fun and cool ways to decorate your Jake and the Neverlands Pirates party. Most party supply stores will have everything you need, but you can also shop online for all of the accessories you need.

There are so many fun ways to turn everyday foods into pirate-themed treats.

Fruity-Booty Salad – Hollow out a watermelon shell and carve the shell to look like a ship. Place tall pirate flag toothpicks to make the watermelon look like a real pirate ship. Stuff the ship with fresh fruit.
Pirate dog hot dogs.
Blue Jello cups.
Catch of the day – Chicken nuggets or mozzarella sticks.
Silly squid hot dogs.
Pirate rope Twizzlers.
Seaweed salad – a.k.a. Pasta salad.
Shark Bait – Goldfish snack crackers.
Cannon balls – Black olives.
Sword kabobs with tomatoes, mozzarella balls and basil leaves.
Fish and chips – Goldfish crackers and potato chip mix.

Feel free to get creative with food presentation too. Add cute little pirate-themed signs beside each food item to let each party guest know what they’re eating.

No Jake and the Neverland Pirates party would be complete without a pirate-themed cake or cupcakes. Go for a cake that’s shaped just like a pirate ship or cupcakes with tiny pirate flags.

1. Treasure Hunt
Host a fun treasure hunt. Have two or three treasure chests hidden in the yard. If possible, dig a hole and really bury the treasure. Divide the party into two or three teams and give each one their own treasure map. The team must work together to find where the treasure is buried. This is an activity that is better suited for older party guests that can work well together as teams. If needed, one adult can help each team decipher the clues and find the buried treasure. 

2. Walk the Plank Game
This is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Use a 6ft to 8ft wooden plank. Paint the words “Walk the Plank” with black paint on top of the board. To raise the plank, set each end on top of a small crate with holes in it. Secure the plank by tying the plank and the crate together using heavy duty rope. Have each party guest walk the plank to become a true pirate.

3. Inflatable Pirate Ship 
Hire an inflatable pirate ship for your party to add endless hours of bouncing fun.

4. Treasure Chest Craft
Purchase small wooden chests from a craft store and craft accessories. Allow each party guest to decorate their own treasure chest with stickers, letters and other small accessories.

5. Dig for Seashells
Fill a large tub or a bucket with play sand, seashells, play jewelry, gold doubloons and other play trinkets. Ask each party member to dig through the tub to find certain items (i.e. a green seashell, a gold doubloon or a piece of play jewelry).

6. Pirate Barrel Toss Game
Arrange a pyramid of tin cans with three on the bottom, two in the middle and one can on top. Have each party guest toss three pirate-themed balls at the cans to see how many they can knock down.
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