18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Girls finally turn into adults when they reach 18 years of age. For parents, this is a time of joy and sadness. As a person becomes more independent, they will be looking to leave home and start a life of their own. An 18th birthday is one of the last big birthday parties that parents will be able to throw for their children.
The following 18th birthday gift ideas for girls will be great for any party.

Something Electronic
Electronics are a great option no matter what her likes or dislikes may be. There is something for anyone in the electronic department and these items will fall into a variety of different budget ranges. A few great choices are:

Phones: The latest cell phones are always a popular choice. This can be anything from the latest iPhone to an Android. 
Tablets: From the iPad to the Kindle, tablets are a hot commodity these days. Tablets allow her to browse the web, watch movies and do a variety of other activities on a mini-computer. If you need a low-budget option, there are budget tablets that will surely do the trick.
Laptops: If she is going away to college, a laptop is the perfect choice. There are laptops in the $300 dollar range that are perfect for college-level needs. This will allow the birthday girl to not only do her classwork more diligently, but she will also be able to connect with family and loved ones on Skype or various other video chat services.
Audio and Video: From a new television to a new car stereo, audio and video options are always available. This can be a small flat screen television or a car stereo or set of speakers to replace older, less clarity producing speakers currently present in a vehicle.
DVD Sets: Perhaps you want an option that is a little less expensive. DVD sets are a great choice and can be chosen based on her likes. This can include the complete series of Twilight or the entire last season of Breaking Bad. You can also choose complete DVD sets that are more expensive, but come with all of the seasons of her favorite show. These are timeless classics that will work for any man or woman.

The latest gadgets are also a great choice. While the items may change from one season to the next, they will always be accepted with the utmost pleasure.

The Necessities
There are some necessities that every person will need. While these may not be as unique as you may have hoped, they are still given at every person’s birthday party.

Jewelry: From necklaces to bracelets and earrings, jewelry of any type can be given. This can be cheaper costume jewelry or more expensive items.
Perfumes: A woman can never have enough perfumes. This can be the latest addition from her favorite designer or a timeless classic from Chanel. 
Clothes: If you are a man, you may want to disregard this option. Clothing is the perfect choice and one that every person will need. Shirts, shoes, pants and various other items can be purchased that she will love and enjoy. You need to not only know her size, but you must also know what style she likes best.|

These few necessities may not provide a wow factor, but they are an option when you are at a loss of what to buy. Thankfully, necessities are often very affordable as well.

Pampering Time
Does she like to be pampered? Oftentimes, when a girl hits 18, she wants to look like a million bucks. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Spas: A gift certificate to a spa may be the best choice. Local spas that have a good reputation are best. A woman will be able to get a mani/pedi, a massage or even a haircut at some spas.
Makeover: Perhaps she is just tired of her current look and always wants to try something new. A makeover may be a great choice that allows a professional to determine what look best fits her facial features, body and hair type.
Massages: A day at the massage parlor will be a great choice. A nice relaxing day with a stone or hot massage will alleviate any stress that she has and allow her to relax her way into her 18th birthday.
Haircut: A simple, yet gracious gift is that of a haircut. A gift certificate to a beauty parlor can be used for a cut, treatment or even a simple dying of her hair. The best option is always to give a gift certificate so that she can choose what she would like done.

The girl that is turning 18 will have a variety of wants and needs. Choosing a gift that fulfills one of these desires is the best choice.
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