Wedding Sand Ceremony Wording Examples

Posted on May 08, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A Wedding sand ceremony may be performed in silence, during a song, reading, or involve the officiant sharing a few words. Whether you are religious or not, many variations can of sand ceremony words can be shared to meet you specific needs as listed below.

Planning Your Ceremony
Before you start, be sure to have a large keepsake vase and two smaller vases each containing the color of sand you will be pouring. Grab yourself a keepsake seashell from the sand of the beach you are on and fill with a small amount of sand.
The initial pouring into the vase is performed by the officiant, a parent of either the bride and groom, or their child to symbolize the foundation the relationship is built upon. 

Performing a Sand Ceremony
To make the sand ceremony short, have two smaller vases of sand made available with a larger keepsake vase. The officiant can share a variation of these words.

Example One:
Now we shall celebrate the union of the bride and groom which is symbolized through the pouring of these containers of sand. One represents the groom (he pours her sand into the vase), all that they were, are, and ever will be. The other represents the bride (she pours his sand into the vase), all that they were, are, and ever will be. As both vials of sand are poured into this third vase, the individual containers or sand no longer exist, but are instead joined as one. They are never to be separated again into individual vases so the love and bond between the two will render inseparable. 

Example Two:
[name of bride] and [name of groom], have made an everlasting commitment today to share the rest of their lives together, joining their two families into one. First, you will each separately pour a layer of sand together in the vase, representing who you once were as an individual. [act is performed]. You will now pour simultaneously, blending your two colors as you will blend your lives in marriage. [act is performed]. As the individual grains of sand can no longer be separated, may your bond always be inseparable. 

Example Three:
“Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). God created you as an individual, perfect by His glory and love. But God also said that it was not good for man to be alone, and so he created woman to be his partner and helper. Today as you make a covenant before God to join in marriage, you become one flesh. You have chosen to symbolize that union with a sand ceremony. 

First, the white sand will be poured to represent your faith in God as the foundation of who you both are as individuals. Now, [groom], pour some of your sand that represents whom you once were as an individual. Now, [bride], pour your sand, representing yourself as an individual before this union.
I would not like the two of you to pour some more white sand, representing your faith in God as the foundation of this marriage. As you both pour the remaining sand of yours simultaneously, your marriage will become completely joined for all eternity, filled with everlasting love. May God bless this marriage so that you are as inseparable as these grains of sand. Amen.

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