13 Lalaloopsy Party Ideas

Posted on May 07, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Lalaloopsy first hit the mainstream in 2010 and has since grown into one of the most sought after dolls on the market. While these dolls are popular, the Lalaloopsy TV show and series really made these dolls go from cute to must-have items that will be the dream party idea for younger girls.

Whether she likes Crumbs, Sugar Cookie or any of the many other characters, these Lalaloopsy party ideas will always be the perfect fit.

The location of the party will either be indoors, at your home, or outdoors where all guests can have fun. Outdoors is always best as it creates the perfect atmosphere for the Lalaloopsy environment. If you choose an outdoor party, here are a few locations that will do the trick:

1. Camp Site: An overnight party where all guests can sleep the night away in tents is a great choice. This allows for a full day of themed-activities and will surely be a hit.

Backyard: Simple and free. Choosing a backyard allows you to prepare hot foods and allows for the utmost in convenience.

 Park: If a safe park is located nearby, you will be able to have the party there. As long as there are picnic tables or somewhere to eat, you can bring all of your decorations along for the occasion.

Decorations are what really make a party a success. If you want to throw the best Lalaloopsy party in town, you need to start from the basics.

4. Invitations: Buy or print out invitations with her favorite character on the front.

Clothing: Before the party, give her a beautiful outfit that she can wear to wow her friends.

Table Décor: Dining tables are ripe with great opportunities for decorating. The goal is to make the table the focal point of the room. This can be done by adding patterned table clothes with all of the characters on them. Teal or purple seem to be the best option and many party supply stores will have these in stock. Balloons are a great choice as they simply add to the ambiance. There are Lalaloopsy balloons that can be purchased as well as matching color balloons that will go perfectly with your theme.

Dinnerware: Cups, bowls and plates are great opportunities to have Mittens or Crumbs make their appearance at the party. Paper plates and plastic cups can be purchased with any character on them to make decorating a success.

Hats: Party hats are available and will round out the decorations to make them just perfect.

There are also a variety of other decorative items that can be purchased with Lalaloopsy characters adorned on them. This includes buckets, water bottles, backpacks and even banners that say “happy birthday.”

If you want your party to be a success, ensure that you put the most time into the decoration process as possible.

Food of all kinds can be given as the main entrée. Obviously, pizza and snacks are always a good choice. Since kids are often very picky when it comes to food, ensure that a very neutral option is chosen for the main course.

Where does Lalaloopsy come in with food? Thankfully, there are many candies and sweets that can be prepared that will be perfect.

9. Cake: Bakeries have many options when it comes to birthday cakes. Since these dolls are so popular, you will be able to find cakes that are Lalaloopsy themed.

Cupcakes: Homemade cupcakes can be made and will be the hit of the party. Simply use polka-dot cups, white or pink frosting and candy buttons to go on top.

Obviously, you will need drinks as well. Water, soda and juices seem to fit perfectly for kids of all ages.

Entertainment is essential and easy to provide. There are a slew of options available including:

11. Piñata: Filled with candy, a piñata will be the perfect addition to any party. Adorned with streamers, guests will have their chance at hitting and breaking open the piñata that is filled with candy.

Television: You can put on the television series so that all of the guests can watch the show while they attend the party.

Games: From apps to pop-up games and even video game counterparts, there are a variety of games available that will keep all of the guests occupied. 

You can also have the basics of music, dancing or even have a character from the show come in and greet the guests. Perhaps her older sister or mother will not mind playing the part of her favorite character. This is a great idea that will turn a forgettable party into one that is the talk of the town.

There are no shortages of Lalaloopsy party ideas. Simply use your imagination and feel free to get hints from her on what she would like if she were to throw her own party.
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