40th Birthday Party Favors Ideas

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Oftentimes, when a large birthday party takes place, the birthday organizer will include party favors for all of the attending guests. These favors are used to ensure that the guests know just how special they are and to thank them for attending this momentous occasion.

Party favors may not be as important when a person is younger, but with age, a person will find that party favors become the norm. Starting at the age of 40, these little gifts seem to become commonplace. The following 40th birthday party favors ideas are affordable, unique and well received by guests.

Champagne or Wine
Champagne and wine are two gifts that any adult will love. When these items are given as party favors, they are always going to be welcomed. The idea is to place these items, usually just one, into a basket and wrap the basket in plastic.

The basket or container should be customized to include the name of the person as well as the name of the birthday boy or girl and the date.

Since the baskets are custom made, you can add any extras that you would like and customize the basket to the receiver. This is a great idea and many party stores will offer this service.

Shoes or Slippers
Meant for a woman, shoes or slippers are favors that are becoming more and more popular. These items can be customized with initials, but they work perfectly on their own as well. This idea is perfect for beach parties and sandals are also welcomed and extremely affordable.

Fruit Baskets
Fruit baskets are a universal gift that will work at any age and for any attendee. These baskets can be filled with fresh or dried fruit and have become quite popular in recent years.
The goal is to add in all of the most common fruits that are not going to spoil quickly. Apples, bananas, pears, strawberries and mangoes are just a few of the items that people adore. If a person is going to be traveling from far away, it is essential that they have dried fruit put into their baskets. While apples may not spoil quickly, all types of berries will.

These baskets can be small or large. If you like, you can even have these sent to a recipient right after the party if you are worried about the items staying fresh.

Memory Book
Sometimes, the best party favors are those that cater specifically to a person. Memory books are the perfect solution as they allow you to really spend time to put together something that is truly unique to each person. 

This can be done in a variety of ways, but the following memory books are most common:

Recipient-specific: If the recipient is someone truly special, you may include photos of yourself throughout life, but also include photos with them. These are person-related memory books that must be unique to a person.
General: General memory books will include pictures of the birthday boy or girl throughout their life. There are no person-specific pictures needed just pictures of the person throughout the years.

The goal of memory books is to have a timeline of pictures for people to refer to in the future. If you have the time, being very personal and making a recipient-specific book is definitely the best option. For those on a budget, it is far better to go the general route as you can receive discounts for multiple prints of the same pictures.

Picture Frames
Simple, yet elegant. Pictures frames are an affordable choice and allow for a functional gift that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Picture frames can come in any shape or size, but they should include the date of the party and the birthday person’s name. You can also include a sentimental quote or a thank you message that is engraved in the frame itself.

For smaller gatherings, you can choose a completely unique frame for each person or have the recipient’s name or initials included on the frame. The choice is yours.

Sweets and Baked Items
Sometimes, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Food that a person can eat the next day is another option and one of the easiest 40th birthday party favors ideas to put together. Everything from brownies to cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries can be included.

Baked items are the perfect option for every person as they are delicious; they can be baked for cheap, and people tend to love baked goods. Chocolate covered strawberries are a delicious choice, but they are often a little more expensive. If you have time, you can make these at home instead of buying them.

Candies or pastries are also an option that will go over very well. Just ensure that none of the items need to be refrigerated immediately or will melt during travel.
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