Best Jodeci Wedding Songs

Posted on May 03, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Jodeci was best known in the beginning of the mid-90’s as a top R&B/Soul group that was made up of a team of 4 brothers. They launched their career following the recording of 30 demo tapes that were sent off to as many record labels as they could find. Eventually signed up by Heavy D and Uptown Records, this group of brothers was on their way.
Jodeci produced three albums during their time, each with hits made on them. Their first single was titled, “Forever My Lady” and made it to the number one spot on R&B charts. Following issues that arose from their label, their album “Diary of a Mad Band” was named. Jodeci eventually split in 1996, with two of the brothers known as “K-Ci” and “Jo-Jo” paired together and made their own album with several more hits. More than 3 million copies of their first album sold.

Top Jodeci Songs
The following Jodeci songs are from their top hit lists and are perfect options for your own wedding. Special lyrics from the song are highlighted below.

1. Forever My Lady: 
“Forever, Forever, Forever. So you’re having my baby. And it means so much to me. There’s nothing more precious than to raise a family.”

2. Stay:
“Tonight, let’s start our love again. Tonight, we can be more than just friends.”

3. Come and Talk to Me:
“I’ve been watching you for so very long. Trying to get my nerve built up to be so strong. I really want to meet you, but I’m kind of scared.”

4. Feenin:
“Take my money, my house and my cars. For one hit of you, you can have it all baby. Cause making love everytime we do. Girl it’s worse than drugs, cause I’m an addict over you.”

5. My Heart Belongs to You:
“Whatever you want, whatever you need, my heart belongs to you, whatever you need. There’s nothing I won’t do.”

6. Love U 4 Life:
“Do you believe in love. And the promise that it gives. I wanna love you for life. Cause your love is why I live.”

7. Freek’n You:
“Tonight, I need your body. Tonight, you got my time. Tonight, you won’t be sorry. Tonight, you got my mind.

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