Untraditional Wedding Ideas

Posted on May 02, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Conventionally, brides have always assumed the role of wearing a white dress to walk down the aisle and following a certain process of standard and etiquette when it comes to planning your wedding. Rising popularity in modern day weddings have led to an increasing amount of untraditional wedding formats. From planning your ceremony to your reception, these untraditional wedding ideas are sure to capture your attention.

6 Untraditional Wedding Themes
1. Rainbow Theme Wedding: A rainbow theme wedding is sure to be full of colors. Each bridesmaid can wear different color tights while the groomsmen wear matching colored suits. Be sure to add in some rainbow socks, rainbow colored bouquet and rainbow layered cake for your there. Chairs can have different color wrappings and place settings can be set up the same.
2. Baseball Theme Wedding: For those that love the ball game, plan a baseball theme wedding. Walk down the aisle under bats and have men walk around with ballpark goodies for the guests. You can even have our bouquet designed with flowers and the colors that make a baseball.

3. Carnival Theme Wedding: Carnivals are fun and capture our childhood memories. Have carnival snacks and rides for your guests, while serving popcorn for the ceremony. Don’t forget the cotton candy and bright red and white colors.
4. Literary Theme Wedding: For the book reader enthusiasts among us, getting married in a library or bookstore can seem like a dream come true. With the variety of book art projects you can do, use books as centerpieces and give a book to all your guests that come. 

5. Fairy Theme Wedding: To get more in touch with your whimsical side, get married in a garden and adorn your bridesmaids in head pieces and wings. Have seats made of log stumps with pads to sit down for celebrating this special event. 

6. Travel Theme Wedding: Do you like to travel or love eupherma? Create the perfect wedding that each guest needs a boarding pass to enter. Bridesmaids can carry hard case luggage bags and be sure to have everyone sign your globe with their well wishes.

Additional Unique Wedding Ideas
If you are looking for less untraditional themed weddings, these additional unique wedding ideas will give you some less classic ways of planning your wedding.

1. Change up the seating. Why have your guests placed in rows? For intimate settings, place the seating in a more circular shape.

2. Have a bouquet that will last forever. If you do not want to use fresh flowers that will die, get a fabric bouquet that lasts forever and have it custom made. Include a special heirloom brooch sewn on.

3. For those that have a love for the sea, perform a knot typing ceremony where the bride and groom make a fisherman’s knot to representing the strength of their unity.

4. Have bridesmaids carry something other than flowers. Use mini lanterns for a night wedding or have clutch purses with flowers carried instead.

5. Display your ceremony on a chalkboard rather than pass out programs. 

6. If you do not want to wear a veil, use an alternative such as a fabric flower clip with added lace or feathers.

7. Use a less traditional ring pillow such as a book with a heart carved out of the inside pages that store and carry the rings.

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