80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Grandparents will always held a special place in our hearts. When it comes to buying grandma a gift, it can be a very difficult task to discern what she may or may not want. While she will definitely be content with any gift that she is given, this does not mean that some gifts are not better than others. In fact, there are some gifts that will completely make her 80th birthday one that she will never forget.

When you are short on 80th birthday gift ideas for grandma, the following list will help you reinvigorate the search for gifts.

The Pampering Category
Pampering is the key to success with any woman. The goal is to do something to truly treat her to a special day and there are a myriad of choices for every budget. A few great ideas include:

The Spa: A nice relaxing day at the spa may be exactly what grandma needs. This will allow her to get a massage or facial where she will feel like the queen of the occasion. There are local spas in every city and there may even be ones that offer a special discount for the older individual.

Makeover: Styles change quickly and while granny may have been hip 60 years ago, she is likely outdated when it comes to today’s styles. A makeover may add a little bit of excitement into her life wherein she will feel spunky and ready for a night out on the town.

Mani/Pedi: A manicure and pedicure are two relaxing options that will allow any person to feel like a queen. A local beauty parlor will have an affordable option ready for you and they are always willing to help the older crowd.

Haircut: Perhaps granny doesn’t need any of the other mentioned pampers. Instead, she would just like a new haircut and style to make her look younger. Haircuts at a beauty parlor are affordable and will allow her to feel decades younger in no time.

Pampering is a great option for the older person that wants to feel young again. There is never a bad time to choose some form of pampering for your loved one.

Bringing Back Memories
Memories will be something that every person will cherish when they turn 80. After all, that is all that we have to remember the past. Thankfully, there are a few ways to bring back the good old memories and they are all affordable and extremely thoughtful.

Drive in the Old Neighborhood: Sometimes, looking at the past is the best option when a person gets older. Chances are that a lot has changed over the course of your grandma’s life and there will be good and bad changes seen. A drive or day in her old neighborhood(s) may be a nice way to remember the past. This can include her first, second or any subsequent homes or neighborhoods that she used to live in. Is the small grocer still operating? How about the little barber shop on the corner?

Photo Albums: Older photos are delicate and need to be preserved with the utmost care. When a person has photos, it is a great idea to add them into a digital set or have them reprinted. The best part is that older photos can be enhanced to bring out the color and vibrancy that has been lost due to older technology. Once complete, all of these photos can be added into an online and offline photo album for safekeeping.

The First Date: If grandpa is still alive and well, recreating the loving couple’s first date may be a very good choice. This will allow the couple to remember what sparked their first days together and will be a great moment for an aging couple that still loves each other dearly.

Bringing back the memories is a great way to celebrate an 80th birthday, but it will take some more work than people are used to. If you really want to make the day special, this is the go-to choice that is both unique and affordable.

Party Time
Some people prefer a quiet birthday and others do not mind getting together with friends and family to celebrate the big occasion. Grandma will have a slew of birthday options including:

Beach birthday
Bell of the Ball
Backyard BBQ
Day with grandkids

There are hundreds of party options, but there are a few details that will always remain the same. A birthday party should always include multiple generations of family members, old friends and food. The goal is to get everyone that she cares about to come to the big event and celebrate the day with grandma.

These 80th birthday gift ideas for grandma will help you make up the perfect day of gifts, celebration and fun. Just remember, make her 80th one she will never forget.
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