4 Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

Posted on April 27, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Tweens are a lot of fun, but hard to deal with at the same time. When a person is in the tween age bracket, it will be difficult for any parent to know exactly what he or she wants for a birthday. Oftentimes, styles, likes and wants will change from one day to the next. This can make choosing the perfect birthday party idea one that is virtually impossible.

The following birthday party ideas for tweens are a great start for anyone needing to come up with a unique birthday party idea for their difficult tween.

Army Style
Oftentimes, when a parent hears tween, they think of a girl; however, boys must be included as well. A boy will have many options available to them, but one will always be present – army themed. Army-related birthday parties are perfect because they allow a child to look up to a respectable facet of society and feel older for a day.

For your army birthday, the following items will be needed:
Army clothing.
Camo gear (pants, shirts, fake guns).
Food that is dyed in into camouflage colors.

There can be anything included from music to streamers or even a visit to the local army or air force base. A fun day on the beach is also welcomed as he can run around with his army buddies and enjoy the day.

Pool Party
Ideal for him and her, pool parties are a great choice. This party can include adults and kids alike that want to get together on a warm spring or summer day. The goal is to allow the tween to have the freedom and fun that they are not normally allowed to have.

Remember that the tween will need to feel a bit of freedom. This means allowing them to act a little more like a teen where they can make some decisions on their own.

Buffet style setups are great for food choices as well as outdoor music that the kids get to choose.
If a buffet style is out of the question, a BBQ will work just perfectly and allow the tween to have a great meal with their friends that everyone is sure to love.

Pirate Party
For the active pirate that wants to plunder a few ships. A pirate party is a great choice for tweens and is both imaginative and fun. These parties are easy to put together, but they will require a pool for the occasion to take place.

There are a few great ideas that can go along with this party idea including:
A sunken treasure that is placed at the bottom of the pool.
A replica cannon that shoots streamers.
A model pirate boat.
Eye patches for every guest.

If you want to really complete the moment, you do have the option of allowing the damsel to be saved. This can be a mock kidnapping wherein the birthday pirate will have to show his or her bravery and save their friend that has been stolen by a rival pirate. This is a great way to spend the day and is even a great option for teens and adults.

Rock Star Party
Complete with a red carpet, a rock star party is the ideal choice for her. These parties are every young girl’s dream and will not be easy to pull off. Ideally, a place that is not your home should be chosen. This can include:

A local firehouse with a dance floor.
A local club that is able to be rented.
A local roller-skating rink.

The venue will need to be decorated with her pictures outside and complete with a red carpet that is rolled out for the occasion. This is a time when her and her friends will be able to be themselves and mimic their favorite celebrities that party the night away.

A few necessities will include:
Fancy dresses that make her look like a queen.
A DJ or some form of music.
Food of their choice. Pizza will normally suffice.
Fancy drinking cups.
Streamers and confetti.
Red carpet.
Large photo prints.

Advice for Planning a Tween Birthday Party
The more detailed that the party is, the better.

It is also necessary to allow the birthday girl to have as much freedom as possible during this time. This is a time in her life where she will want to be more independent and spend her time with friends. While the transition may be hard, it is a necessity that will happen with every child regardless of what their parents want.

Birthday parties that are not quite adult, but still provide more freedom than a day with clowns will surely be a big hit. If you are truly at a loss of ideas, you can ask your tween what they would want for the perfect birthday. You will be surprised at how receptive they are to the planning process when asked to help.
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