Good Mothers Day Quotes for Aunts

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Tijon Employee
~ "Dear Aunt, I wish I could express all the things you mean to me; Your love and support have helped so much; I hope I can make you see… That I cherish and treasure the things you do; you and I have a special connection; So on Mother’s Day and every day, you have my very deep affection."

~ “As a kid I remember that you were always in every important moment for me. You are a very special person and I really feel that you should be my second mom. I love you and I hope you pass it very well today and always.”

~ “Aunt, today I feel that it is also your day, I have always loved you as a mother, despite not being your son, because you have shown me much love and taught me many things that are helpful now. I cannot imagine a life without your support, aunt. Have a happy day. “

~ “Dear aunt, you have always been there for me even not being your daughter. I feel a great affection for you, on this Mother’s Day I wish you all the best for you, because you are a wonderful woman, happy mother’s day.”

~ “Everyone can tell that you two are sisters, both show a lot of love for their children and I also feel that you have shown to us. I wish you always the best and today it’s no exception. I love you.”

~ “Having you with me is like having another mom, you give me unconditional support that has always served me throughout my life, so now and I always want to thank you for all the love you give me.”

~ “I can’t come to see you very often, but I want to remind you that despite the distance I have you in my thoughts. Congratulations on Mother’s Day. “

~ “I feel lucky because I have an aunt who loves me as his son, so in this important date I greet in a special way and remember the great affection I have for you. Dear Aunt, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day. “

~ “I send you a big hug and a kiss, hoping you feel all my love and you can understand the appreciation I feel for you since I was a child. Hope you have a perfect day and an even better year. Have a happy Mother’s Day. “

~ “I send you many hugs appreciated Aunt because you are a great woman and a great mom. I wish God fills you with blessings, congratulations on your day.”

~ “It’s sad to know that the time of routine increasingly invades our lives, but rest assured that I always carry in my good memories and always wish that everything is going right. Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt.”

~ “Make it a beautiful day full of joy and above all that you can be surrounded by people you love the most. Congratulations on Mother’s Day, you’re a great aunt so appreciate you so much.”

~ “Many greetings for Mother’s Day dear aunt, I know I can always count on you because you want the best for me, spend a great day.”

~ “My cousins are very fortunate to be the children of such an extraordinary woman like you, and I am very happy to be your nephew. I wish you well on this Mother’s Day and every day so on.”

~ “Without a doubt, my cousins are very lucky to have you as a mother. I’ve been fortunate to have you always by my side and so now I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I wish you the best mothers’ day.”

~ “You are different than my mom, but if there is something similar to her, is the great love you have for your children and for us. Spend a beautiful Mother’s Day with my cousins.”

~ “You are like my second mom; you have always given me a lot of affection and love. You are in the best memories of my childhood and youth. Have a nice day, appreciated aunt.”

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