7 Fantastic 21st Birthday Outfit Ideas

Posted on April 21, 2014 by Tijon Employee
If your 21st birthday is just around the corner, you may be desperate to find the perfect outfit to celebrate your special day. Below are some fantastic 21st birthday outfit ideas and tips for getting ready for your night out. 

1. 21st Birthday Essentials
Before we share our fashion picks, let’s talk about a few essentials that help make the perfect 21st birthday look.

Heels – No 21st birthday look is complete without a pair of flashy heels. Go for something sparkling and bright. If heels aren’t your thing, pick out a pair of cute flats that make a statement. Regardless of whether you choose heels or flats, you need to make sure that your shoes are comfortable – especially if you plan on dancing.
Clutch – Clutches have just enough space to carry all of your essentials (like your ID and your money), and they’re lightweight. The last thing you want is to lug around a bulky, heavy purse all night. 
Beauty essentials – Make sure to bring some lip gloss and a few makeup essentials so you can freshen up.  
Camera – Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all of your 21st birthday memories.

You only turn 21 once, so feel free to splurge on the perfect dress or the perfect outfit for the occasion. 

2. Little Black Dress
The little black dress is perfect for any occasion – including your 21st birthday. If you’re looking for something a little more fun, try a black dress with lacy details or colorful accents. The great thing about a black dress is that it pairs well with any accessory and any color. 

If you plan on wearing a solid black dress, you can wear a pair of colorful heels or a bright colored purse. Just make sure that you choose a dress that matches the occasion. For example, a mid-length dress may be a more appropriate choice if you are going out to dinner at a high-end restaurant. While you may be tempted to buy a super short black dress to wear clubbing, a short dress may wind up riding up while you’re dancing.

3. Chic and Casual
If your birthday plans are low-key, a casual but chic outfit may be the best choice. A cute pair of dark jeans, a fun top and the right accessories can turn an everyday outfit into something chic. A light colored top with gold accents can be paired with gold shoes and gold earrings. Keep it simple and classy. With a chic and casual look, you’ll be ready for anything – be it a trip to the coffee house or a bar downtown. 

4. Party Dress
If you’re having a party to celebrate your 21st, you need to splurge on an amazing dress. Look for something short, glittery and fun. A dress with a flared skirt is a bit more feminine and conservative, while a fitted skirt may be a better choice for a party with friends. Complete the look with a pair of heels, clutch purse and one or two pieces of jewelry. 

Again, try to keep the accessories to a minimum if you plan on dancing the night away. That heavy bangle bracelet may be beautiful to look at, but it can be a pain (literally) to wear all night long. 

5. Vintage Look
Vintage doesn’t have to be “frumpy.” A cute rockabilly dress or a feminine fit and flare dress is perfect for a 21st birthday. Complement the dress with a pair of white gloves or a cute hat. Keep the accessories to a minimum with this look as vintage dresses tend to be bold. A great pair of solid colored heels will complement this look well. Steer clear of flats. Try shopping at a vintage clothing store or a thrift store to find the perfect dress. 

6. The Bohemian Look
For the free-spirited birthday girl, a bohemian look is the best choice. A high-low mid-length dress with a pair of black boots will make you look feminine and beautiful. Long necklaces and bangle bracelets complement this look well. 

7. Hair and Makeup Tips
Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get ready on your 21st birthday. To make sure that your look is perfect, start planning a few weeks ahead of time. Practice a few makeup looks and hairstyles to find the right match for your outfit. 

No matter whether your evening is casual or you plan on partying, it’s usually best to wear your hair down. Long, flowing waves are flirty and complement any look. If you have to wear your hair up, make sure that you wear a cute “updo.” A simple ponytail isn’t going to cut it today.
Make sure that your makeup matches your look. Natural makeup is best if you’re wearing a bold and busy outfit. If your outfit is a bit more subtle, be a bit bolder with your makeup. Just try not to overdo it. The goal is to enhance your beauty – not to look like a circus clown.
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