Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Many cultures have wedding traditions for a reason. This is no different for Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions. If you are planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, these tips may help you have a localized wedding with the added cultural touches and festivities. 

Wedding Ceremony
Traditional Puerto Rican ceremonies occur in a church, cultural museum, historical site, or Latin owned restaurant. Priests normally bless a plate of coins and hand it to the groom. Once the ceremony is complete, the bride receives these coins as a symbolization of good luck and prosperity for the newly wedded couple. As they are passed around several times, this symbolizes shared responsibility in the marriage. 

For the ceremony, brightly colored flowers, linens, and potteries are normally used in decoration. Pinatas can also be found hung from the ceiling. A doll can be found at the head table dressed in a bridal gown. Souvenirs may be found pinned to it such as money for gifts to the bride and groom. 

Traditional bridesmaids carry bouquets of poppy flowers and fans. The fans are used as a symbol of good luck. The bridal bouquet may contain amapolas or poppy flowers. Other flowers may also be used such as orchids, flamboyant flowers, and margaritas. Corsages that are worn are normally attached to the bouquet with ribbons.


Reception and Food
When it comes to the first dance, typically a Puerto Rican waltz o ‘danza  criolla’ is chosen. A live band or DJ may perform playing latin music. Other latin music to choose from consist of the salsa, merengue, mambo, samba, or flamenco. 

A popular dish found served at Puerto Rican weddings is pig roast. Coffee with milk is also served to the bride and groom in coconut cups. Wedding cakes are typically flavored with rum, pineapple, or coconut. Appetizers consist of meat patties stuffed with vegetables or Spanish tapas. Fajita and taco stations are also a great idea along with rice beans, chicken with rice, or fried banana sides. 

Decorations at the reception normally consist of greenery and palm branches. Large lights may be found strung around and seashells used on tables and napkin rings. A pineapple or seashell motif is commonly use. Capias may be found used as wedding favors attached to ribbons.

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