10 Great 65th Birthday Gift Ideas

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Tijon Employee
What do you buy a person that has seen it all? When a person is older, they will appreciate virtually any present given to them. A person will know that the actual material gift is worth far less than the sentimental value of the item. This is a time when thoughtfulness really counts.

While there are some 65th birthday gift ideas that are definitely going to be on the more costly side, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available as well.

Funny Items
Funny items are usually less expensive and a person with a good sense of humor will definitely appreciate them. These items include:

Mugs: Coffee mugs are probably used every day by the birthday boy or girl. A mug can be designed to the person’s owns likes thanks to the Internet. A few funny ideas are including how old the person is in dog years, 7 * their age, or a picture of themselves. These ideas may be a bit cheesy, but they are perfect for those on a budget. 
Apparel: Shirts and hats are great apparel items that can be easily customized. Funny sayings or pictures are the ideal choice. This can be anything from “I forgot where I live” to “where are my teeth.” 
Gag Gifts: There are also gag gifts that can be given. This is more in line with what an older gentlemen may find funny. Prescription flasks or whoopee cushions are great for him.

Extravagant Gifts
These are not the gifts that everyone can afford. These gift ideas will either have to be planned very far in advance, or these will have to be gifts where many people put money together to buy a big item.

Vacation: A dream vacation may be the best gift of them all. While everyone says that sentimental value is always the best, a vacation is the one time when sentimental value goes right out of the window. A trip to Italy, Aruba, the Florida Keys or Las Vegas may be on his or her bucket list. If you know there is a special destination that a person has always wanted to go, this should be the top choice.
New Automobile: Whether a person just got their license or they have had it for 50 years, a new automobile will still hold the same shock and excitement value. Wrapping a vehicle in a bow and parking it in the person’s driveway will give them the shock of a lifetime.
Venue Party: Renting a venue where a person can invite guests is expensive, but a gift that will be far more than they expected. A venue party can be used to renew vows or simply a place where the person can dance the night away. Venues can be rented at all times of the year and they will cost a pretty penny if catering is included.

Sentimental Gifts
Sentimental gifts are another option. While these may not be as fun as our last category, they are definitely better suited for most people. These gifts are massive in selection and include the following:

Jewelry: The thought of jewelry is something that should have already popped into your mind. This is the traditional option for anyone 18 years old and up. There is simply not a bad time when jewelry can be given. Bracelets, rings, earrings or necklaces will work perfectly. Diamonds and jewels are also a big hit with women and will add to the overall sentimental feeling behind the gift.
Professional Videos: Photo collages are going out of styles. Instead, digital videos are taking their place and have become the go-to form of making a video. These options are affordable and the quality is outstanding. These videos can include actual video clips or they can be a mash up of pictures and sound clips from a person’s past. Pictures from the person’s youth or loved ones are always a great addition.
Family Dinner: A night out with immediate family is a great choice for a gift. Chances are that loved ones do not get to visit as often as they would like. A family dinner allows a person to spend time with those that matter most to them. Every person invited can pay their own portion of the bill or one person can cover the expense. In either case, it is a great choice that your friend or family member will love.
Personal Items: If he or she played baseball, danced, loves a sport’s team or anything of personal nature, these items are always welcomed. This can be a signed ballet slipper from a famous dancer, a tryout with a senior baseball team or tickets to a ball game. The only word of caution is that more than one ticket should be given to a sporting event. This allows spouses or friends to join in on the fun.
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