70th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

Posted on April 14, 2014 by Tijon Employee
When mom turns 70, there needs to be a special party in place. This is one of the biggest milestones she can hit and being 70 is truly a blessing. While your mom may live for many more years, the 70th birthday is still a time when her health can be pristine and she can truly enjoy life without fears or worries.

Instead of just having a cake and nothing special planned, let’s look at a few 70th birthday party ideas for mom that will make her smile, laugh and cry with excitement.

Going Back in Time
The absolute best idea for anyone that is turning the big 70 is to turn back time. This is impossible to do in the literal sense, but you can throw a party that is filled with items from the 60's and 70's that would make her believe that she has just walked out of the door and back in time. 

Obviously, there will be a lot of items needed for this special occasion that include the following:

Clothing: Era-themed clothing will be a necessity. You will need to know her size so that you can buy her a dress to go along with the occasion. Thankfully, there are many vintage stores that still sell items from the 60's and 70's, or these stores will make them especially for the event.
Music: Obviously, music can be found that will be perfect for the occasion. iTunes and all major music outlets still have all of the old classics that mom will surely love.
Cars: If you have the means, you can rent a classic car that she would have seen on a daily basis. These vehicles are going to be expensive to rent, but they will be essential to make her feel that she has stepped back into the 60's.
School-attire: If mom was a cheerleader in school, you can purchase old school attire or have the items recreated. This can be a varsity jacket or an old uniform that all of the school’s attendees can wear during the party.

These are just a few of the essentials that will make her day one that she will never forget. Now, you will need to invite friends and family members to the big event. If possible, scour through old yearbooks and try finding her friends that she simply lost touch with years ago. The more people that are invited that she had a true bond with, the better. These are the people that she would want to be around again and they will bring a big smile to her face.

Food will also be a major concern. There are not going to be many options of bringing the same food back, but there are a few items that you can find. There are vintage candy stores that sell all of the old classics as well as vintage soda bottles. These items can be found online and will work perfectly as a gift.

Elegant Restaurants
Restaurants are the easy go-to birthday party idea for mom. Sometimes, the extravagant party may be out of your budget reach, or mom simply does not want to go through such an occasion and would appreciate a much more relaxed day. There is nothing wrong with going to a beautiful restaurant to throw her a party.

If you live near the coast, you will be able to pick a beautiful restaurant near the beach. Oftentimes, there will be options where you can eat on the beach itself with the waves crashing in the background and the moonlight shining down. 

This is a great choice and will be even better when friends and family are invited to the occasion. This allows for privacy when the outside area can be rented and a completely beautiful night filled with fun, laughter and food.

An elegant dinner that is both fancy and expensive is another option. This is not your typical $20 meal, but a place that requires a suit or dress to be worn. You will be able to eat in an area that has beautiful music, perhaps a live band, great food and a very lovely ambiance.

If you cannot afford this on your own, ask everyone that comes to pay their own way. Since this is mom’s big day, no one will have an issue chipping in on the expense.

The best 70th birthday party ideas for mom involve friends and family. She will want to be around those that she cherishes the most and allowing her to relax and enjoy herself is of the utmost importance. Remember, you can do anything to make her happy, but you must do it before it is too late. Don’t wait until her 80th or 90th birthday for the amazing birthday bash you are planning. Instead, make her 70th birthday one she never forgets.
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