16 Jimmy Buffett Wedding Songs

Posted on April 11, 2014 by Tijon Employee
When it comes to planning a wedding, some of the most difficult decisions can include choosing the right wedding songs that fit the bride and groom’s theme and/or personal preferences. When it comes to some of the most memorable music, Jimmy Buffet has made his songs known at many weddings. The most popular Jimmy Buffet choices are listed below.

Father Daughter Dance Song: “Little Miss Magic”
Last Dance Song: “Margaritaville”
Beach Theme Wedding Son: “Volcano”

Additional Jimmy Buffett Song Choices
“Come Monday”
“Knees of my Heart”
“Happily Ever After”
“Coast of Carolina”
“All the Ways I Want You”
“Blue Heaven Rendezvous”
“The Night I Painted the Sky”
“Anything, Anytime, Anywhere”
“Everlasting Moon”
“Someday I Will”
“I Have Found Me a Home”
“The Perfect Partner”

Guide to Wedding Songs 
The following guide provides an outline to the music you will be required to choose for your wedding ceremony and reception. These sections are broken down into the following categories.

The Ceremony: 
The ceremony is broken down into several areas where music is played to relay the variety of phases and emotions that occur during a wedding. The Pre-Ceremony music sets the mood for the event and occurs as guests are sitting down. The Bridal Party Entrance music follows next indicating to guests that the ceremony has initially started. The Bride’s Entrance is considered to be the most important part of the whole ceremony and occurs next in line. Lastly, the Recessional music is celebratory in nature and played once the knot has been tied.

The Reception:
The reception music is livelier and occurs during the celebration of the ceremony and completion of vows shared. The first segment involves the Couple’s Entrance. This stage is normally traditional or modern in nature. Next, the Father/Daughter dance follows and is consider special and emotional. The song should help to express the feelings the daughter has to her father. The Bouquet Toss follows and should be fun and geared towards women. Lastly, the First Dance of the couple should be a song that has significant meaning to the couple.

When it comes to choosing the right song for your wedding, be sure it is something that reflects both the values and taste of the two most important individuals involved in this entire process. These are the Bride and Groom. You definitely want this special event to be both memorable and fun to the both of you. 

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