3 LDS Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Tijon Employee
The LDS wedding invitation remains unique to traditional wedding announcements. If the couple chooses to get sealed in the temple, an additional sealing card will need to be included with the invitation. Due to the delicacy of a sealing ceremony, using the right words is important. Two sets of invitations may also be needed for your guests. Most couples invite close friends and family to both the sealing and the reception. Other guests are invited to the reception and open house only. Wherever your unique situation may be, the following sample LDS wedding invitation wording will help get you in pointed in the right direction.

Sample Invitation 
John and Jenny Jones
are pleased to announce the marriage
of their daughter
Melanie Leslie
Mark Edwards Smith
son of Tom and Mary Smith
on Saturday, the fifth of June
two thousand and sixteen
in the Northwest LDS Temple
and request the pleasure of your company
at a reception or open house
to be held in their honor.

Sample Reception
Saturday, June 5th
Northwest LDS Temple
2654 Mellow Brook Drive
Boise, Idaho

Sample Open House
Open House
Saturday, June 12th
Smith Residence
1645 Jackson Street
Boise, Idaho

Tips to Designing Your Invitations
The normal invitation uses average 1.5 spacing. The names of the bride and grooms can be made larger with use of a second typography. The average LDS invitation can be as long as 19 lines compared to the average 12 lines of other invitations. The typical LDS invitation normally includes the invitation itself, an envelope, temple sealing insert, and engagement photo. A thick cardstock or photo quality paper should be used for the invitation itself.

Before stuffing the envelope and mailing the invitations away, be sure to include a reply card for your invitees and map with directions for the location. Include an engagement photo and tissue paper to protect the photo during mailing.

5 Tips for Addressing Your Invitations
When you are addressing your invitations, keep in mind the following etiquette.

1. For a husband and wife addressing, the inner envelope should only include Mr. and Mrs. (Last Name) and the outer envelope include Mr. and Mrs. (First and Last Name).

2. For a couple with children under age sixteen address the first names of the children after the couple by order of age for the inner envelope. The outer envelope should just include the couple’s name in the Mr. and Mrs. (First and Last Name) format.

3. If a couple is married but the wife has kept her maiden name, address the inner envelope with Ms. (Last Name), Mr. (Last Name) and the outer envelope with Ms. (First and Last Name) and Mr. (First and Last Name).

4. Widows should be address by their married name, even if the husband is deceases. The inner envelope should have just the last name and outer envelope include the first and last name. 

5. For children still living home over the age of 16, envelopes should be address using The Misses (Last Name) for girls and The Messrs. (Last Name) for boys. The outer envelopes include the first and last name. 



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