10 Good 21st Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Posted on April 08, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Turning 21 is a major milestone and cause for celebration. Now that the birthday guy or gal is of legal drinking age, you can celebrate in style. A gift basket is the perfect way to celebrate such a momentous birthday. Below are some great 21st birthday gift basket ideas. 

Cocktails Gift Basket
A cocktails gift basket can be simple, or you can feel free to get as extravagant as you want. The simplest and easiest way to fill the basket is to include mini bar bottles. You can also pick one cocktail and purchase full size versions of everything needed to mix the drink. Don’t forget to include a cocktail shaker and a book of cocktail recipes. You can also add some bar-friendly snacks in the basket too. 

Scratch-Off Ticket Basket
Make the recipient’s birthday their lucky day by giving them a basket filled with scratch-off lottery tickets. Depending on your budget, you can fill the basket with a lot of tickets. Try to vary the type of scratch-offs you include.

Hangover Helper Basket
21st birthday celebrations can get wild and out of hand. Give the birthday guy or gal a hangover helper basket to help them recover from their birthday festivities. Inside, you can include a box of saltine crackers, a bottle of Aleve, chewing gum, peppermint tea, a box of Alka-Seltzer and any other items to help the recipient nurse their hangover. 

Sweet Decadence Gift Basket
Everyone loves chocolate and a 21st birthday is the perfect excuse to indulge. In a Sweet Decadence gift basket, you can include gourmet chocolate dipped cookies, dark chocolate and raspberry sticks, chocolate and peanut butter squares, chocolate covered cherries, a bar of dark chocolate and some dipped toffee peanuts. It’s the ultimate gift basket for the birthday guy or gal that loves to indulge in sweets. 

Junk Food Basket
Who says a gift basket has to include gourmet treats? A basket filled with the “best of the best” in junk food will be enjoyed by any recipient. Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls, caramel nut popcorn, Smarties, Chips Ahoy, corn nuts, Airheads, Skittles, Nerds, Combos, chocolate covered pretzels and chips are all great items to place in your junk food basket. Don’t forget to include the recipient’s favorite junk foods too.

Romantic Evening for Two Basket
Looking for a gift for your significant other’s 21st birthday? This gift basket has everything you need for a romantic evening together. A bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, caramel nut crunch popcorn, massage oil, dark chocolate and raspberry sticks, chocolate covered cherries and chocolate covered almonds can all be included. If you have the extra space in your basket, you can also include a pair of champagne flutes as well.

Champagne & Chocolates Gift Basket
Champagne and chocolate are a perfect pair. This elegant and decadent gift basket is ideal for the sophisticated birthday guy or gal. Inside the basket, you can add a bottle of the recipient’s favorite champagne, a bar of dark chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered fruit mix, chocolate covered raisins, toffee caramels, champagne truffles and whatever other indulgent snacks the recipient may like.

Tea and Cookies Basket
If the recipient is a fan of tea, a tea and cookies gift basket is something they are sure to love. Inside, you can include a few boxes of their favorite tea blends. A box of Earl Grey, green tea and an herbal or fruit tea (like chamomile, peach or strawberry) will be enjoyed by any tea lover. Don’t forget to include a few snacks, like butter cookies, vanilla wafers, raspberry cookies, rock candy, strawberry wafers, biscuits and a small jar of honey. If the recipient enjoys reading, you can also include a copy of their favorite book in the basket.

Margarita Gift Basket
Celebrate the person’s 21st birthday with a Margarita Madness gift basket. Include a margarita cocktail mixer, some margarita lime salt, crackers, hot pepper cheese, smoked sausage, salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, and salsa con queso. You can also include a fun serving tray inside of the basket so the birthday guy or gal can celebrate right away. This basket is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday in a festive way. 

Tuscan Gift Basket
Bring the taste of Italy home with a Tuscan gift basket. If the recipient enjoys cooking, this is the perfect gift basket to give. Inside the basket, include a pound of fine Italian pasta, marinara sauce, tiramisu wafers, Italian flatbread crackers, a garlic and herb cheeseball, arrabbiata sauce, polenta, mushroom risotto and salad mushrooms. Feel free to get creative with your basket too. Including the items inside of a colander is a practical and creative way to present your gift. If you aren’t traveling far, you can include some fine Italian cheese in your basket as well. Just keep in mind that the cheese will need to be refrigerated shortly after you give your gift. 
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